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Limos And Baby Showers: Do The Two Mix?

Limos And Baby Showers: Do The Two Mix?

When and where is it a good idea to hire a limo for a baby shower

? Is the idea totally outrageous, or is it a rising trend amongst mothers-to-be?

Baby Shower Expenses Are on the Rise

Today, baby showers have progressed beyond a small event held in a family members home. Baby showers have become more and more elaborate with detailed themes and a lengthy guest list. According to baby shower budget estimations for a modest party with up to 25 guests, it could cost as much as $1000!

The point of the matter is this: Excited expectant mothers are willing to shell out extra cash to create an unforgettable pre-baby bash that they will remember for years to come. As a result, the guest of honor at a baby shower may want to book luxury transportation to make a grand entrance when arriving at the venue.
Limos And Baby Showers: Do The Two Mix?

Since a baby shower presents the opportunity to lavish attention on a mommy-to-be, renting a limo or town car to take her to and from the venue is one special way to show her how loved she is by friends and family in her life. Additionally, if a baby shower is a surprise or is at an undisclosed location, renting a limo is a clever way to escort the guest of honor to the venue without giving away the secret.

Escort Visiting Guests in Style

When planning a baby shower, it's expected that a number of friends and family members will travel from out of town for the event. As a result, this leaves you with quite a few guests who may not be familiar with the city and may be without their own transportation.

Instead of asking guests to shuttle out-of-town visitors to and from the baby shower, all visiting guests and the mother-to-be can meet at one designated location, like a hotel, to ride together to the shower in a limo. To make the limo ride to and from the baby shower fun and memorable, a number of companies rent out themed limos, like a pink Hummer limo when throwing a shower for a baby girl.

Last but not least, don't forget to take into consideration how many gifts a new mom will receive at a typical baby shower! Guests will be likely to buy anything and everything off of her registry, leaving her with large, bulky items like a portable crib, Diaper Genie, bottle warmer, breast pump, and more to take home with her at the end of the day.

If you've already rented a limo for the occasion, theres your solution. A limo will provide the guest of honor with enough room to efficiently transport all of her gifts home instead of having to make several trips to gather her loot after the shower is over.

To answer the all-important question of whether or not it's a good idea to rent a limo for a baby shower, the answer is: Why not? A baby shower is a special event in a woman's life that will present the occasion for some much-needed pampering before her little bundle of joy arrives.

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