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Letter To My 15 Year-Old Self by:Tonia Jordan

Letter To My 15 Year-Old Self by:Tonia Jordan

Dear 15 year-old Tonia Jordan,

I know this sounds strange, but I know somewhere in your silly sci-fi mind, you're going to believe me: I'm you in 10 years. That's right - I'm writing this at the age of 25, and I have some advice for you.

First off, I want you to realize that High School is nothing. Once you graduate, you'll never see those people again. That group of kids who pick on you everyday because they think you're trying to be like them: don't even worry about them! In a few years, you'll take their leader to court for sexual harassment, and you'll win. There will be new administrators at school who actually believe you when you tell them about the things you've endured by those other kids.

Secondly, don't fight with your sister so much. I know you get frustrated with her, but it's only because you're so close to one another. In the next few years, you're going to be separated from her, and you'll miss her like crazy. Enjoy the time you've got with her now.
Letter To My 15 Year-Old Self by:Tonia Jordan

Third, don't blame your parents so much. They're really trying. In a few years, you'll realize that, yes, they did make some mistakes, but they're only human. They love you and care about you, and that's the most important thing. In about 10 years, your Mom will go through a kidney transplant, and your Dad will change quite a bit.

You'll have ups and downs, as is normal with anyone living in this crazy world. You'll meet some great people, and some not-so great ones. There will be some death, but lots of life. You'll have additions to your family, and some beautiful nieces and nephews.

One very exciting thing: You're going to go to college! The first in your family to go, and you'll be quite proud of that. You'll even start a trend in your family - your sister will go to college one year after you do, and some of your cousins will go, as well.

You'll go through some bad jobs, but you'll also have some fun times and meet some great new friends. You'll finally be able to feel accepted among people. You won't feel so alone anymore. You're going to move to the city, too! You'll live in a tiny apartment next to an art school, and you'll have so much fun there.

You'll also meet the guy of your dreams (hint, hint, you know him already!), and you'll get married. I know - the girl who swore she'd never get married! You'll be extremely happily married, and you'll laugh and smile everyday.

So, look on the bright side! You have so much to look forward to. Just hang in there until high school is over.

Love, as always,


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