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Let's Talk Window Seat Cushions

Let's Talk Window Seat Cushions

Author: Pete Law

Window seats are actually mini sofas placed beside windows. They have been around since the 18th century, as all houses had tall narrow sash windows. It's probably what Rapunzel sat on. The designs of window seats barely changed over the years. Like in those days, these seats are still high and square. Also, window seat cushions are the main extra for these seats.Window seat cushions have two main functions: to make these seats even more comfortable to sit on and increase the decor of the room. These cushions make seats more comfortable by taking away the pressure brought about by the angularity and hardness of wood, concrete or metal-the common materials of these seats. The softness of the cushions makes window seats ideal for taking naps or simply for sitting.Window seat cushions are used to remove or reduce the pressure from the hardness and stiffness of these seats. They also serve as decorations for making rooms look more pleasant. Simply put, they bring more comfort and relaxation.As windows are often exposed to sunlight, the materials for cushions must be able to resist heat and fading. Synthetic fibers such as Sunbrella, polyester and acrylic are ideal for this purpose. Also, these materials are solution-dyed, which means that color was added to the fibers while in liquid state. This allows the colors to fully saturate the fibers therefore preventing any fading.Window seat cushions come in many designs. Prints range from solid colors to stripes, to full images. The cushions also come in many shapes to fit the type of seats they will be placed on. There are also simple rectangular cushions with round corners. Sometimes, the front and back corners are cut differently; the front corners may be rounded while the back corners are angular or vice versa. Cushions can also be trapezoidal for windows of the same shape. The cushions that are shaped as trapezoids can also have angular or rounded corners.Window pillows together make these rooms perfect for comfort and relaxation. Seat cushions are usually accompanied by throw pillows. Throw pillows complement or match the designs of the cushions, making rooms look even better.For additional comfort, most window seat cushions are sold with throw pillows of matching colors. Sometimes, these throw pillows have designs to fit the decor of the rooms. Also, there are companies which provide custom cushions. They allow buyers to choose the colors, shapes and the thickness of cushions as well as the design of the accompanying throw pillows.
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