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Let's Talk Car Seat Cushions

Let's Talk Car Seat Cushions

Car seats are not really very comfortable to sit on

. Most manufacturers focus on durability rather than comfort so it can get very tiring when driving or just taking a ride. This comfort problem can be addressed by using car seat cushions-ergonomic cushions designed specifically for the seats of cars. Their main function is to remove or alleviate the stress caused by prolonged sitting. This cushion allow drivers and passengers to sit in the position they are most comfortable in.

There are a lot of designs for car seat cushions. The most basic examples are those which are just put on top of seats and support the entire the back and butt. Many are contoured to provide additional support. The common material used for this kind of cushion is leather stuffed with foam, which is resistant to scratching. Other pads of this type include those which have beads or battery-operated massagers for added comfort.

There area also seat cushions which are smaller and support only the back, the butt, or the lumbar area. These are designed for correcting posture or for simply making sitting easier. They absorb the pressure on the back and the butt. Some car seat cushions of this kind are sculpted to perfectly fit the butt. There are also cushions that are shaped like wedges for lifting the driver eyes higher above the steering wheel. These wedge seats are ideal for old cars whose seats have settled in.

These cushions are made with special foam and designed with a special contour to adjust to a person's back to give comfort, specially for those extra long trips. Seat installation is made easy by side straps, which secure the cushion onto the seat. It can easily fit with all types of car seats. Some of these pillows have thermo-sensitive features which radiate heat, as well as vibrating massagers, for instant relief from back pain.Let's Talk Car Seat Cushions

Modern designs of car seat cushions include inflatable ones which fits and molds themselves to the driver's movements. These cushions can act as massages and help with promoting proper blood circulation, which is hampered by sitting for long periods of time. These seats support the back, lumbar area, butt and even the legs so they are undoubtedly very comfortable to sit on.

Car seat cushions are usually colored to fit the interior of the car. There are also leather cushions available if you are going for the elegant look and there are also synthetic ones which can have different patterns. There are many designs when it comes to colors and prints so finding the right one for specific cars won't be a problem.

by: Pete Law
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