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Learn Why Sun Sails Are The Most Cost Effective Solar Shades You Can Buy

Learn Why Sun Sails Are The Most Cost Effective Solar Shades You Can Buy

A sun sail is a piece of fabric that can be stretched over any number of outdoor structures to shade and shelter an area

. The use of these shades dates back to Ancient Egypt. People would hang large pieces of fabric outdoors to shield themselves from the desert heat.

Today's sun sails are made from a variety of tensioned fabric stretched across three or more anchor points. This secures the device in the wind and creates a steady source of shade for gathering and activity areas.

The fabric we use today has evolved progressively over the centuries. Simple woven cloth has now transformed into the longest lasting UV protection fabric available. People can sit under sun sails for hours in even the hottest summer months and never have to worry UV radiation.

Coastal residents in particular have grown to appreciate these shades because it allows them to enjoy the balmy weather of beach life without the hazards of sunburn and skin cancer. Learn Why Sun Sails Are The Most Cost Effective Solar Shades You Can Buy

Sun sails can be mounted in many different locations. One of these is your patio. Patios are notorious heat generators because patio hardscapes absorb and emit radiant heat directly from the sun. Also, some concrete patios are so light in color they can reflect sunlight right back into your face-along with all the ultraviolet light that travels with it.

Other outdoor areas that can be protected by sun sails are backyard play areas, barbecue areas, and children's play areas. Any place, really, where humans and pets gather for outdoor recreation and interaction needs the vital protection from UV light these chic looking sails afford.

The decorative element they contribute to the landscape cannot be understated, either. They look much better than pergolas and solid roofs over porches and patios. Their tendency to look like they are free-flowing in the wind (after all, they were originally patterned after ship sails) contributes a sense of free-floating buoyancy to any outdoor event.

Sun sails are made to be versatile and easily mounted. You can attach them to trees, gazebo columns, or even to your home itself. If you have a special area in your yard that you want to use, but you do not have anything to which you can attach your shade structure, you can use steel columns or wood posts to support them.

When the summer is over and the cooler, cloudier months of the year arrive, you can take down your sun shades and store them to the following spring.

Companies can use sun sails as well to shelter employees who like to go outside on break. Parks use them to shelter picnic areas. Water parks use them as decorative covers over swimming pools. Many stores have mounted them over their entrances to attract and shelter customers with a flair of decorative protection. Parking areas can also be protected with sun sails so patrons do not have to touch hot steering wheels when they get into their vehicles to drive home.

You can get sun sails in a variety of material blends, shapes, and colors. Talk to a material handling specialist about which fabric blend will work best for your application. Keep in mind too that these shades are moisture resistant and waterproof, so even if it rains in the summer, you can leave them up until the sun comes out again.

by: Beth Guide
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Learn Why Sun Sails Are The Most Cost Effective Solar Shades You Can Buy Washington