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Lead Generation & Distribution Networks Fast Growth Secrets!

Lead Generation & Distribution Networks  Fast Growth Secrets!

Chicken & Egg Situation

The chicken and egg argument is an old one and is still extremely relevant. After all, why look for customers if you dont have a product. As long as youre certain that there is a demand for your product its reasonable to expect that you would want to put your initial energy into creating it under the presumption that if its a decent product it will be an easy sell.

I need an example here to make a few points so lets look at a typical lead generation site for the UK Building & Construction Industry. Firstly there are a few hundred sites operating within the sector and almost all of them are aimed at the mass market by trying to produce business leads for all the building sectors throughout the UK.

Mass marketing is the most cost-effective method for lead generation but to make your business really successful you would need to have a distribution network in the region of 30,000 plus to cover all of the UK and to be able to successfully sell all your leads. If you dont have such a network then lets face it, a lot of your business leads will go in the bin and that is actually whats happening at this time across the UK Building & Construction lead generation sector. Each month thousands of business leads end up in the bin because the lead generation business hasnt got the distribution network in place.Lead Generation & Distribution Networks  Fast Growth Secrets!

The problem of course is that if you create a lead generation product that is aimed at mass market then its going to be tough ride to build your distribution network.

How Do You Eat an Elephant?

I dont know if youve ever been asked that question but the answer is quite simple a bit at a time.

Now using the same UK Building Sector example above lets see how we can break it down and make it more palatable. Firstly if we focused on creating a lead generation site for a particular category within the sector lets say we choose the roofing category - we can still use our cost-effective marketing to target all roofers within the UK and this time its a clear and defined type of business lead and for a clearly defined customer.

When it comes to building a distribution network of roofers its a comparatively easily task and you should be able to achieve a roofers network within a matter of weeks. For starters its much easier to get roofers to register on a roofing lead generation site than it would be to get them to register on a general tradesman or building web site.

Hopefully by now youre beginning to get the picture that it makes much better sense to create more specifically targeted lead generation sites as it will be far easier and quicker for you to build your distribution network. Its all about customer segmentation and building products to suit each customer group.

Once you take the concept on board you will see how easy it is to create lead generation products that have specific customers in mind and you will have no problem in building successful distribution networks for your business.

To take a look at one of the best examples of a specific and targeted lead generation site we recommended you visit Roofing Supermarket Com

This site will have no difficulty in building their distribution network.

by: Tom Norris
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Lead Generation & Distribution Networks Fast Growth Secrets!