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Know More Knowledge About Salmon

Know More Knowledge About Salmon

Salmon is the most common name given to varied species of fish of the family Salmonidae

. Lots of fishes of the family are called as trout . People will find the difference in the migratory life of the salmon than the residential behaviour of trout . Salmon lives in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Great Lakes of the ocean mostly. Consumers should know that salmon are anadromous as born in fresh water, migrating to the ocean, then returning to the fresh water for reproducing. Many species which can survive in fresh water habitats only in many continents. consumers of salmon should know about salmon before opting it in any aspect of their life.

In Alaska when crossing-over to other streams happen then it permits the salmon to populate the new streams similar to those which emerges as a glacier retreats. In lots of species of Pacific salmon, most of the mature individuals die within days or can say less than a week of spawning, which is a trait known as semelparity. Also many species of salmon which left to survive for spawn more than once, in that case, post-spawning mortality is found to be quite high near about 40 to 50% high.

the female salmon use her tail for laying roe for creating pressure zone, lifting the gravel to swept downstream, and also excavating a shallow depression called as redd. Consumers of salmon should know that the redd contains most probably 5,000 eggs covering almost 30 sq.feet. People will find salmon eggs in different ranges like from orange to red in color. Lots of males will come to the female having her redd, then laying his sperm or milt over the roe. Afterwards the female covering the eggs by disturbing the gravel at the edge of the depression before making another redd. Consumers should know that the female contains seven redds until her supply of eggs dont get exhausted . Consumers should know that after its completition the salmon dies after few days of spawning.

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Know More Knowledge About Salmon