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Knee and Ankle Injury and How to Recover From the Injury

Knee and Ankle Injury and How to Recover From the Injury

Author: Arlene Peterson
Knee and Ankle Injury and How to Recover From the Injury

A knee that is healthy can bend, flex and straighten with ease and no pain. Knee injury can be very annoying and painful for the individual that is experiencing this. A person needs their knees for walking, running and sitting. Any injury affecting this area of the body can cause many problems for the individual in their daily activities. If you have suffered any kind of knee injury you need to seek medical help immediately for the proper treatment needed for you type of knee injury. The appropriate rehabilitation treatment is very important to a full recovery from any knee injury. Injuries to the knee are very common in those that participate in high intensity and high impact sports. These sports put pressure on bones and ligaments in the knees. As one grows older, in combination with sports, the possibility of ligaments weakening and the knees become less resistant leads to you needing a knee brace, is very high. In the knee braces, there are 3 different types that are used for varying knee injuries. A post-op brace is a type used for assuring that the knee heals properly and no overuse of the joint happens. A functional brace is used to provide basic knee function in a mobile brace. This brace acts like a healthy knee would work. A protective brace is for a healthy knee, acting to help prevent knee injuries by protecting the knee from injury. A functional brace is used to support a knee with already an injury such as: MCL, LCL, meniscus, ACL and PCL. With a Physicians assessment the appropriate brace can be used to support these injuries. Braces help in the speedy recovery from many different kinds of knee injuries. With your Physicians help the right brace is available through Doc Ortho. If you have surgery, specific braces are made for the appropriate support and rehabilitation for each injury. Post-op braces need to be lightweight and durable. Depending on your rehabilitation program a brace need to have a full range of motion, complete immobilization or a limited range of motion. Post-op braces are available in all sizes and shapes, some have moldable pieces that can be adjusted for a perfect fit. Braces should be made of breathable materials and have user-friendly adjustment features. Another type of knee brace is used for Contractures. In knee contractures there is shortening of the of tendons leading to a limited range of motion with pain. With a Physicians supervision these braces can give support to the knee with increased flexibility. These braces need to have adjustment ranges, comfort and durability built into them. Any padding needs to able to breath and doesnt irritate the skin. These type of knee braces are sometimes interchangeable with the post-op braces. About the Author:

Doc Ortho has many different kinds of braces available for each type of injury to the knee or ankle. When you know what kind of brace is needed visit the Doc Ortho website and pick the one you need.

For more information on what type of knee braces are available for purchase visit my website at
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Knee and Ankle Injury and How to Recover From the Injury Islamabad