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It's Not Just Keywords, But Keyword Phrases Are Effective Too

It's Not Just Keywords, But Keyword Phrases Are Effective Too

You know that Search Engine Optimization is one of the essential things you have to do if you want a website that works for you and your company

. Part of the process for entrepreneurs is to use the right keywords to attract your target market to you website. It's not only keywords but also phrases that can bring you even more traffic.

Websites are generally should include your top keywords in the content, headlines to assist with your search engine optimization. You do need to register your website with the search engines. This can be accomplished in a short amount of time. After registering then they will send out the spiders and search bots to explore your site and see what it is you have to offer. In developing your keyword strategy you want to use the keywords that your customers would not use. There are not necessarily the same words that you would use to describe your business. For example as a business coach, I think of that as a keyword, but my customers might type in "business help" or "help for failing business". When you use the words that your target market is using you will rank in the search engine results on the first page, and that is exactly your goal! You have a greater chance of your link being clicked on when you are on the first page.

Keywords are the beginning of optimization but phrases get more specific and narrow the search for the searcher. Keywords can become so common that too many results come up for them. For instance, if you wanted to go out for dinner and used the keyword restaurant you most likely would have more results than you needed and none would be close by to you. When you add phrases to the search like "Thai Restaurant" it narrows you search, but you also need it to be geographically close. Thai Restaurant on the west side of Buffalo gets you closer to the results you are looking for. Using more than one word but a more detailed phrase gives the searcher better results.

When you utilize keyword tools they will suggest alternate keywords and keyword phrases. The challenge comes in using a phrase multiple times within your content in a way that is naturally flowing. It is harder to use phrases in an article and appear natural. One strategy is to create new pages on your site using the keyword phrase as the name of the actual webpage. Now your content can include the phrase and other related keywords and the page title includes your phrase. This is a powerfully effective strategy.It's Not Just Keywords, But Keyword Phrases Are Effective Too

When you list multiple articles, products or services all on one page you are missing out on great opportunities for search engine optimization. If your business is a gift shop and all of your products are listed on one page then you have failed to highlight keywords such as candles, decorative items, and unique handmade crafts. These can each be highlighted on your website.

When you use the new web page strategy for each keyword phrase you are able to put each link on your home page. Using phrases are a critical strategy when building your website. It's a matter of research, strategy and implementation.

by: Donna Price
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It's Not Just Keywords, But Keyword Phrases Are Effective Too Islamabad