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Is Online Poker Fixed or Rigged

Is Online Poker Fixed or Rigged

By Erin Dix

I will admit I play a ton of poker, mainly online poker although I have played lots of live poker both cash games and tournament. Whenever I play online I always have to hear people complain about how they think online poker is "rigged" or "fixed". They always say things like that bad beat would never happen in a live poker game or how can this bad beat happen to me every single hand.

There are times even I feel this way when the cards are running bad for me! There are days when I constantly lose when I put my money in with the best hand. I could have trips and lose to a straight on the river, or pocket aces that lose to a flush on the turn. Every single coin flip hand turns into a loser somehow and it can get very frustrating when cards run bad. This is poker and is the nature of the game ,it happens to everybody. It is easy to forget all of the good days you have playing poker when the bad beats pile up.

The truth is you will play way more hands per hour playing online poker, especially when muti-tabling then when playing live poker. So naturally this can seem like more bad beats when the cards aren't going your way. Also when you play online some of the players you play against aren't worried about being berated by the other players at the table when they play poor hands or call to the river with nothing but a gut shot draw. So this can also lead to more suck outs and bad beats.

The Poker sites online make their money by charging rake to the players for every hand played. So the more you play the more money they make. If it was up to the poker sites they would like you to win money because the more you play the more rake they earn. The poker sites don't make any money if you lose and leave. They only make money if you keep playing so in reality it is good for them if you win and keep playing.

There are also thousands maybe tens of thousands of online poker professionals who make a living playing online poker. They could not do this if online poker is "rigged" or "fixed". Sometimes the truth hurts and the people who think online poker is rigged or fixed just have to realize that maybe their poker game has serious leaks or holes in it that has to be fixed. Or maybe they are just not as good at poker as they think they are. Also they could just be on a prolonged "bad run" of cards!

I am a winning player online and there are days and sometimes even weeks where I just barely break even or lose but in the long run I am up. But I do admit when the cards run bad on me it does seem like the cards are "rigged" or "fixed" although I know it can not be.

There is so much at stake for the big poker sites that if they ever got caught "cheating" or "rigging" their games it would spell the end of them and their multi billion dollar business.

So to answer yours and everyone else's question, it is a profound NO online poker is not rigged !! guest:  register | login | search     IP( / Processed in 0.016737 second(s), 6 queries , Gzip enabled debug code: 26 , 3079, 973,
Is Online Poker Fixed or Rigged