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Is Child Sponsorship A Viable Alternative To Prospective Families That Want To Adopt A Child?

Is Child Sponsorship A Viable Alternative To Prospective Families That Want To Adopt A Child?

For couples who are unable to have children of their own

, adoption is often the only way they feel they can bring a child into their lives. However, there is an alternative, and it can help improve the quality of life not just for one child, but for many.

Alternatives to adoption

The adoption process is long and complicated. Prospective parents face a considerable amount of government bureaucracy. In the end, there is no guarantee that prospective parents will be able to adopt a child. More and more U.S .citizens are turning to international adoption as an alternative, but this involves removing a child from his or her environment, and an international back-and-forth between the prospective parents and the child's country of origin. Again, there is no guarantee that the result will be favorable.

This process also can be extremely costly. That money could be put to better use by choosing an alternative to actual physical adoption. Rather than adopting a single child, why not sponsor several through a child sponsorship organization?Is Child Sponsorship A Viable Alternative To Prospective Families That Want To Adopt A Child?

What are the benefits of child sponsorship?

For the amount of money you would have to spend to try and adopt one child, you could change the lives of many more through child sponsorship. Organizations offering child sponsorship specialize in helping entire communities, not just individuals. Your sponsorship money helps provide food, medical and dental care, and both pastoral and practical care for an entire community without removing the child from an environment that he or she has grown up in and transporting the child thousands of miles to a new home. Child sponsorship offers a spiritual hope and a future for thousands of children in need around the world and is one of the easiest ways to bring a child into your life.

But it's not just the child and the community that benefit. You do too. With sponsorship, you receive regular communication from your child through letters and photos, giving you a real bond and a connection. You will be able to see what a difference your support makes, and what kind of positive changes your dollars bring to the entire community. You also get a spiritual connection with the child that can never be broken. And that love and support you give a child thousands of miles away means just as much to them as the money does. Spreading the message of God's love is every Christian's duty, and what better way to carry out that duty than by supporting Christian ministries working with some of the most precious and vulnerable of God's children? Remembering children living in poverty in your prayers helps to perpetuate the love He has for all His children, no matter where in the world they are.

Why use a child sponsorship charity organization?

Christian ministries and organizations that offer child sponsorship programs work on the ground with children and adults. They know what these children and their communities need, whether that's a new hospital, a school or pastoral care. And every dollar counts. So knowing that your money is affecting the child and the community, and that it is being used for the right reasons is an important part of the process. By sponsoring a child through a recognized child charity organization, you can be sure your support is reaching the child who needs it most.

by: Christine Harrell
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