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Introduction To Los Angeles Dental Implants

Dental implants can help permanently solve teeth issues

. Basically, a dental implant refers to an artificial tooth positioned to hold a replacement bridge or tooth. Those who lost a tooth and have good oral health can choose Los Angeles dental implants for replacement. Similarly, those who have lost their tooth or teeth due to injury, periodontal disease and other reasons may also choose dental implants. The following sections give you information on what you should know about these implants.


Dental implants are root devices used to replace missing tooth. They appear and feel natural that more and more people opt to have dental implants. You can expect several uses from Los Angeles dental implants: (1) Replace a tooth or a series of teeth without creating problems for bordering teeth; (2) Provide bridge support and get rid of the need to have a removable partial denture; and (3) Provide denture support for comfort and stability

If you choose to have dental implants then you should also know about its different types.

Types of Dental Implants

A Los Angeles periodontist typically uses two primary types of dental implants: endosteal and subeperiosteal. Endosteal means in the bone. It is the most common type of implant used. Different types include: cylinders, screws or blades surgically position inside the jawbone. Each implant holds either one or a number of prosthetic teeth. Patients with removable dentures or bridges generally have and use this type of implant.

Subperiosteal means on the bone. A Los Angeles periodontist positions this type of implant on top of the jaw. The posts of the metal framework go through the gum to secure the prosthesis. Patients with minimal bone height and those unable to wear traditional dentures have and use this type of implant.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Many people consider dental implants the best or most efficient solution to missing teeth. This is based on several reasons:

(1) Esthetic - dental implants feel and appear natural. This type of implant is barely distinguishable from the real one. Dental implants work with the structure of your bone. They help prevent gum recession including bone loss. People will never know you had your teeth replaced until you tell them.

(2) Tooth-saving - you do not need to worry about bordering teeth because "installation" of dental implants does not affect neighboring teeth. With dental implants, you can guarantee your remaining teeth are untouched. This provides long-term oral health benefits.

(3) Reliable - dental implants have high success rate. Complications rarely happen and are often isolated cases.

Before going for dental implants you should know whether you quality for it or not.


Ideal candidates include: individuals with good oral health condition, individuals with health gum tissues and sufficient jaw bone. You should first consult your doctor to see if you can undergo the procedure to install dental implants.

Gone are the days when people have to endure missing dentures for the rest of their lives. These days, modern technologies have allowed for efficient solutions. Make sure you choose a good and reliable dental practitioner before agreeing to go through the procedure.

by: KatherineSaunders
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Introduction To Los Angeles Dental Implants