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Internet Home Businesses - Establishing Deadlines

Internet Home Businesses - Establishing Deadlines

Ever tried to run a race, and not know where the finish line was

, that's the same thing as establishing a goal, then not having a completion date on it. Internet Home Businesses, like all of the rest of us, need to make sure that goals they set are goals that get achieved; one of the ways to do this is to make sure all the goals you set have deadlines attached to them.

Establishing Deadlines

Make the dead line in writing. This helps to at least make it definitive; it establishes that there is in fact a deadline.

Time Activate the dead line in your Day Planner. This means you have a specific date looming up in your Day Planner, as you approach the date, you will be adding new activities around the completion date. This will hopefully spur you on to getting the activities done in order to get the goal accomplished.

If you have to push back your completion date, do so, on the understanding that you will do it only once. Not accomplishing a goal on its due date is not the end of the world, but it is also not a good sign either.

If you have pushed back the due date, you should look at the reason for not getting the goal accomplished and fix the problem, or it will just occur again and again. Goals do not get accomplished for the same reason all other tasks that we want to accomplish do not get done; we decide to do something else in the time space when we should have been doing the "other" task.

This is ALWAYS the time when we all, even myself, utter these famous words, we utter these words when someone calls us on the reason we did not get to such and such, we all say, "Sorry didn't have time to get to it "I wish I had a dollar for ever time I have said that, or I have heard other people say that. The start reality of the situation is this, we always have enough time to do what ever task we want (within reality) what we do instead, is do something else in its place.

Example, we promise someone on Tuesday night, that we will email them over some material you have on your computer, to them on Wednesday morning. The total time required for you to send over that email is about 10 minutes. You arrive at work on Wednesday morning, fully intending to send over that material but guess what happens? The phone rings and rings, and you do not have the discipline to do what has to be done to do your Priority, so you deal with the ringing phones, urgent activity but not the crucial Priority activity, sending that email to your friend.

The nightmare continues, someone rushes into your office, with THEIR crisis, and ropes you in on solving their urgent problem, while you neglect what is important to you, that email to your friend. The day continues pretty much the way it started, you are working hard, but you are not accomplishing anything. The day ends, on your way home, late again, because you had such a busy day, guess who calls, guess what your say, " sorry didn't have the time to get that fax over to you, PROMISE to do it first thing in the morning".

What I like about the Internet is this, the people reading this will be all over the world, from all parts of Canada (I am Canadian, just like the TV commercial), all over the United States, Europe, Australia, Africa, South America, all over the place. What I can GUARANTEE you is this, wherever you are from, you can relate to the above example and will have personally experienced this situation, from both sides of the fence. You will at some time been the person who says to the person waiting for you to do something for them, that the reason you have not delivered to them what you promised, was because in an 8 hour workday, you did not have the time to do a simple 15 minute task. You have also been the person being told, that the other person did not have the time to do your simple 15-minute task in their 8-hour workday.

The Number 1 reason Internet Home Businesses fail is for this very reason. They like the rest of us do not have control of their time and there fore do not get the important things done. We allow other things and other people to dictate to us, instead of us being the driver, and us being in charge enough to ensure our Agenda gets driven.

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