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Interested In Cashing Out A Private Mortgage?

Interested In Cashing Out A Private Mortgage?

Defaulted mortgage loans are not the easiest notes to sell or cash out

. More than a hundred banks have gone under because the mortgages they held went into default in quantities large enough to throw off the ratios needed to retain solvency. This is a problem that has not necessarily transferred over into the private mortgage sector.

Private mortgages are usually held by individuals, not banks. Normally the person who has a private mortgage note has sold a property, most often a home and carries back a mortgage and a note on which the buyer makes payments, just like they were the bank. This is referred to as seller financing because the seller of the property is the one financing it. Many individuals don't trust banks or lack personal credit to be able to qualify for a mortgage the traditional way, through a bank.

A fast growing sector of the financial sector is holding private mortgages in an Individual Retirement Account, or IRA. Mortgage notes are security instruments, just like stocks and mutual fund. Instead of holding a part ownership of a publicly traded company on a stock exchange or bonds, you can hold the mortgage of a property that is providing interest income.

I know some people who say that real estate is a risky investment. However, just as the public value of a company rises and falls, a piece of real estate can too. Most of the time, real estate is hard to liquidate and can take a long time to cash out. A mortgage is the promise to pay an amount of money over the time agreed plus interest. A mortgage can be valued by a skilled investor and settled for a lump payment.

If you have a private mortgage, it is an asset that can be sold for a lump sum settlement. You can also buy and hold mortgages in your Individual Retirement Account to provide a steady stream of income, like an annuity would. Annuities can also be sold for a cash settlement as can lottery winnings and legal settlements. Selling a mortgage note does not change the terms of payment originally set in the note. It simply transfers ownership, just like a sale of stocks or bonds. It might be considered a taxable event, so discuss it with a qualified tax accountant before making the sale. Using an Individual Retirement Account to hold a private mortgage can change the tax status of the sale of a private mortgage.

by: Art Gib
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