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Injury Lawyers: Myths That Surround Them

Injury Lawyers: Myths That Surround Them

Injury Lawyers have become stigmatized as 'Ambulance Chasers' and the butt

of a running joke, but it's not so funny when you actually need one.

If you asked the average person in America what he or she thought about personal injury attorneys, he or she would probably respond with laughter or disgust. Injury lawyers have gotten a bad rap, with a number of myths about them in general circulation. Like most myths out there, these untruths have been propelled by the misunderstandings people have of the trade.

Myth 1: All attorneys are greedy and selfish.

Like any generalization about a group of people, this myth is clearly a falsehood. There are countless good, decent and hardworking people in America who just happen to work as attorneys. Their choice of profession has no impact on their moral character or monetary desires. Pro-bono and environmental attorneys would fall into the category of 'all attorneys' and clearly are not greedy and selfish. No group should be written off this easily, and attorneys are no exception.

Myth 2: A personal injury is a fake claim, and lawyers who assist you in such claims are spin doctors.

While some false claims have made a bad name for the whole lot, for the most part the personal injuries sustained by Americans are real and deserving of fair representation and compensation under the law. Just because a few bad eggs have made ridiculous and dishonest claims does not mean that every person who pursues or defends such a case is lying. Again, generalizations never end up being true to fact.

Myth 3: Pursuing a lawsuit is a long and pointless process.

On the contrary, such a lawsuit can be both speedy and lucrative. Depending on the severity of your claims and your desired restitution, you might be pleasantly surprised at the speed and level of the outcome. An added bonus is that injury lawyers are not paid until you are, so there is really no risk in hiring one to work on your behalf if you have been injured.

Dispelling the myths attached to this process and profession is important so that people realize that this and every other group of people deserves fair treatment and consideration. No entire segment of the population is good or bad, life just isn't that simple. Keep these myths in mind the next time you hear about a personal lawyer for injuries.

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Injury Lawyers: Myths That Surround Them