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Influence Of Open Source Development Process In Web Development Arena

Influence Of Open Source Development Process In Web Development Arena

Open source development has had a huge impact in the domain of web development

. The development of open source software has found many takers within the web development community and has provided tremendous value add-ons to augment quality. The open source code software is available under the open source license and is used by developers and implemented as an important facet of web development. Even in offshore software development projects, there is a tremendous usage of open source development which gives the software a whole new dimension. Critics have said that web development becomes easier and simplified with the inclusion of open source code. The early releases in open source determine the changes that are subsequently made in the software before it finally gets disbursed. The changes depend on the response directed to the prototype. This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using open source as the code can be changed anytime with varying feedback.

The tools used in developing open source code are many. The communication channel mostly used to co-ordinate is the e-mail which keeps all the involved parties vigilant about the latest developments. Inputs come in galore and the most sensible ones are put into effect. The tools used for software engineering are mostly version control systems and bug trackers. The former has developers located all over the globe and write source code. The constantly share updates and have a coordinator who ensures that all the work is submitted to a single point of contact. This makes it easy to delegate work and also to assimilate the end product.

The latter revolves around collaboration where Concurrent Version Systems are used. These systems are efficient in managing files and codes and help in involving multiple personnel. All the code is integrated into forming the final product that is tested thoroughly before being deployed. The bug trackers are meant to constantly track the status of development. Some of these popular entities include Bugzilla, Trac, mantis and request tracker. The testing tools implemented are exemplary with the software being tested inside out.

Open source code has certainly been a revelation in web development India. Project coordinators get to involve a lot of personnel and geographical barriers can be superseded through wireless communication effortlessly. Since projects can be segregated into sections, it becomes easy to delegate all the open source code to developers who are at the benefit of working from home, which only leaves assimilation to be done in the end. So it comes as no surprise that all organizations doing good business resort to open source development.

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