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Incredibly Unique Sailboat Trailer By Loadmaster Trailer

Incredibly Unique Sailboat Trailer By Loadmaster Trailer

There are not all that many companies left building truly custom sailboat trailers

. Each sailboat, as all owners know, is incredibly unique. Keel styles, drafts, layouts, masts and hull shape can all vary! One of the biggest things to remember, when thinking about purchasing a sailboat trailer, is that you want the trailer supports to always hit on a structural bulkhead.

Some sailboat owners prefer a sailboat trailer with screw pad/screw jack supports. Others prefer the treated lumber, marine carpeted bunks that cover more surface area. Here are a few things to consider when deciding on a sailboat trailer.

Screwpads: a majority of sailboat owners like the adjustable that screwpads have to offer. You can twist down a screwpad, to get underneath it to do work on the hull, with ease. Another major benefit to the screwpads are for people who plan to have their sailboat hoisted on and off the trailer. The screwpad system on the sailboat trailers allows the straps/slings to fall freely once the sailboat is placed on the trailer.

Bunk style: generally, bunks make it quite a bit easier to load and launch your sailboat from the water. The bunk system makes it a bit harder to hoist your sailboat on and off the trailer; however, you can have sling pockets cut in the bunks, to allow the straps to fall freely once the keel is placed on the keel rest of the bunk style trailer. A lot of customers will choose the bunk style with a tongue extension, if they plan to ramp launch the majority of the time.Incredibly Unique Sailboat Trailer By Loadmaster Trailer

Most sailboat trailers come with a keel rest/keel guide, depending on the structure of the sailboat itself. Some sailboats that are incredible tall may require specialized options such a keel box, or a different style axle. For many sail boaters, the convenience of having a ladder and/or mast carrier mounted on the front of the frame is a nice option, when spending a lot of time on your sailboat and utilizing your trailer.

Just remember, not all sailboat trailers are the same. You need to be sure that the trailer is rated to carry the wet weight of your sailboat. Calculate out your gear, if you have a small motor, fuel, water, masts, cabin gear etc, and check to see that the loaded weight of your sailboat can be easily supported by the sailboat trailer you purchase. Overloading a trailer can cause major problems and be a real road hazard. Also make sure your sailboat is properly tied down to the trailer, as well! Be safe and happy sailing!

by: Jake Puhl
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