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Increase your online SIQ or Social Intelligence Quotient

Increase your online SIQ or Social Intelligence Quotient

Increase your online SIQ or Social Intelligence Quotient

According to Karl Albrecht, author of the book Social Intelligence, there are five important features of social intelligence. Take note that it is not enough to know these elements because the important thing is how these could be effectively used in your internet marketing efforts.

Applying situational awareness

When you have situational awareness, you easily comprehend the context of social situations and know how you can respond to it properly. Those who lack this feature take calls while in meetings or in theaters during a movie. Though they may not be rude, they are simply unaware of what other people think and how they will react.

Situational awareness is very much important specially in work that requires information to flow and where poor decisions could lead to major consequences.

Applying presence

Presence is one's ability to give off confidence and command respect as an online marketer or blogger. Presence comes from the strength of your voice both literally and figuratively. The instance you find your voice and know how to properly project it when writing your blog, articles or copy, you will be able to build solid connections with your site viewers.

Being authentic

According to Karl Albrecht, authenticity is about not being a fake. Essentially, this requires being genuine and freely expressing what you believe in. This could involve endorsing the products you like, actually use or people and networks you like. However, being authentic is not a free pass to be rude. Authenticity similarly requires responsibility and ethics.

Being clear

Clarity strikes a balance between being knowledgeable and specific whilst at the same time having proper distance to speak in a straightforward manner. The best way to be clear is to explain or discuss a topic the same way you would to your grandparents. This element is extremely critical to bloggers.

Being empathetic

Empathy is the ability to stand in someone else's shoes and look at the world from the eyes of others. It also involves appreciating the motivations and experiences of other people.

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Increase your online SIQ or Social Intelligence Quotient