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Importance Of Nofenol As A Digestive Supplement For Children

Importance Of Nofenol As A Digestive Supplement For Children

No-Fenol is one of the most popular phenol-targeting products available in the market and is consumed by people of various age groups

. However, this product is very popular among the parents of children who face difficulty in digesting fruit and vegetable based diet. This capsule or chewable tablet can be consumed by children whenever after meals whenever they consume a fruit or vegetable based diet. This enzyme supplement should be consumed after meals and snacks to digest the food components in a more efficient and faster manner. Many parents give this supplement to their kids as the proper digestions and breaking down of food components is essential for the development and growth of children.

How It Is Helpful: No-Fenol helps in the digestion of the fruits and vegetables easily. It consists of an enzyme called Xylanase which acts on the cell walls of the plant cells and helps to digest them. These cell walls are mainly made of carbohydrates and the enzyme can act on them so that your kids can digest the fruits and vegetables easily. There are many other benefits of this enzyme supplement too. Besides easy digestion, it is also helpful in loosening of the stool. Since it is available in both capsule and chewable tablet form, children dont have any kind of problem in consuming it.

The Necessity of Having It: The No-Fenol enzyme supplement was developed to help parents of most children who got anxious when their children suffered from allergies developed due to indigestion problem. Having this supplement regularly helps the kids as they can have fruits and vegetable on a regular basis. Earlier parents did not know how to handle this problem and it became extremely important to come up with a digestive supplement which would allow the kids to have the necessary fruits and vegetables as they form a very important part of any diet and no meal is complete without the supply of right amount of greens.

What Does It Have: No-Fenol digestive enzyme is a composition of Enzyme Blend, Xylanase, CereCalase, Hemicellulose, Beta-Glucanase and Phytase. The capsule has filler having cellulose and medium chain triglyceride oil (MCT). The Cellulose is made from European spruce trees and the oil that is used in the capsules is extracted from coconut. Besides the filler, the capsule itself also consists of cellulose. Consuming one capsule or tablet at a time is sufficient for avoiding the side effects of the fruits and vegetable intake in your childs diet. By taking one tablet in a day, the kids will not get the symptoms that come with taking fruits and vegetables as they can now easily digest them.

What It Does Not Have: No-Fenol is free from most of the ingredients that can adversely affect children or even the adults. The supplement does not have casein, is gluten free, doesnt have MSG or soy, sugar, salicyclates and no artificial colors are used in the product. Since the chewable tablets and capsules do not contain any kind of unhealthy ingredients,there is no harm in taking as many as required. However, about 1/2 a capsule to 1 capsule with food can be taken. It does not have to be taken with each meal though for deriving the benefits associated with it. It can be taken once or twice per day as per requirement.

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