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Ignored Email Practices by:Khurram Zaveri

Ignored Email Practices by:Khurram Zaveri

Email is a vital communication medium in the world of internet marketing

. There are no hard and fast rules for the success of mass email marketing campaigns as it is a matter of adopting some effective, yet undocumented practices. They make your message effective, attractive and inspiring to your readers. People try their best to get maximum benefits from their marketing messages but they ignore some practices due to which they may not get considerable benefits. Here are some most frequently ignored email practices which you should inculcate in your emails for effective results.

Marketers ignore putting in links to the administration centre in their newsletter for their subscribers. There should be a link to subscribe, unsubscribe and to view the company's privacy policy. It will distinguish your email from unsolicited emails. It will also contain your street address, phone number and email address.

You should provide 'Search Links' as your recipients may want to search for products, articles and company information from here instead of going to your website to start search.

You should try to get more and more email addresses by providing a link like "Send to a friend" or forward to a friend etc on your website. It is a good idea to get new leads from your existing subscribers. People are more receptive to recommendations from acquaintances.

Ask your readers to add your email address to their safe senders list. That would keep your email messages from their junk mail folders'. You should also include a link to a web version in your email because some readers don't have access to HTML clients.

Email is fast but a telephone call is faster. You should provide your contact phone number as many buyers, salespeople and clients would like to contact you directly. In this way you don't need to wait for them to visit your website.

You should display recipients' and senders' email addresses in the proper fields in your mass emails for credibility.

You should provide navigation links to your website for quick and fast information. These links will also help recipients' visit various areas of your website.

You should ask for feedback from your email reader. For this purpose you can provide an email address or a link to a form on your website. The readers can ask questions and send comments.

The cut and short of this is that you will not be able to achieve 100% effective results from your mass email marketing campaigns if you do not practice above mentioned guidelines.

About the author

Khurram Zaveri is a well known expert. He is the creator of Spryka Email Charger, the ultimate
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Ignored Email Practices by:Khurram Zaveri