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If Only I'd Been Taller

If Only I'd Been Taller

Author: TB Wright

TB Wright Thinking that there's some magic formula out there, that if only you would find it out, then all of your success, money, love, and on and on, will finally arrive into your life. Then, like a flood gate bursting, this magic portal will be opened, and soul mates, friends, popularity, and fame and fortune will be yours. Hey, that's great! Show me that door. It's the old "If only I'd been taller" game we play with our minds. If only I'd been taller, then I would have gotten that good job! These kinds of thoughts come from our minds that work so very hard, and all the time, with relentless negative visualizations, affirmations, feelings, emotions, and thoughts, to avoid work. Don't you think that it's ironic, that people's minds are so programmed to resist the successful use of the very same and exact methods that the mind uses to be to successfully, unsuccessful? I mean, the mind uses negative affirmations all the time. If only I'd been taller! Smarter! Wiser! Richer! If only, if only! Just sit and listen to your own thoughts! I can't, it won't work, it doesn't, that won't work, they don't work, the negative affirmations go on and on and on. And then, with visualizations of gloom and doom, over and over again, the mind puts pictures of violence and upset in front of our imaginations constantly. And then, and then . . .and then, when offered these tools, what's the first thing the mind does? It says, "face reality! Those things dont work." Well, yes they do! Or the mind wouldn't be using them so much. And it's us who are using them so effectively to have our lives turn out full of worry, upset, and failure! Wow! These methods must work well, and the evidence of this is all the pain and suffering people go through, over having things work out in ways that upset them. So that's why the mind has me resist these methods, because if I took them up in a positive way, that action would oppose all it's doing, and then it would be out of a job! Look at that, a recession oriented mind! It all makes sense now! Ha! Well, not so much ha!, because it's our lives after all, but more, "Oh, that's what my mind is doing." It's immersed within a process much like looking for the "If only I were taller" door, which when opened, would make me a success. The mind doesn't mean "face reality" at all, but "face the reality I'm making up" because when you do, the mind gets fed ample amounts of the most alluring drug in the entire Universe, at least to it: it gets to be right. And it just doesn't do this with thoughts only, oh no. The mind is way more clever and subtle than this. If easily discoverable thoughts no longer work so well, then it's on to feelings and emotions that come without words, and then even further, into invisible beliefs that will run us if we don't pay attention. And it's those invisible beliefs and feelings that come without words, usually all negative in nature, that trip us up so silently that most people don't even notice the source of their own failure: their own minds, and the constant work it does with negative affirmations, violent visualizations, and feelings that come without words. You know, those times when you just feel yucchy and don't really know why? Oh, you know, you can "come up with" reasons once in a while, and while they're not really why either, they kind of make sense. When the real "Why?" is, that the mind is busy at work again, involving you in its own reality, because the reality outside of the mind so often doesn't have anything to do with how you feel. That's right, if you look into the source of your negative feelings, in most cases, the exterior world is full of opportunities whether you see them or not, and full of promise. Life is limitless, quite in spite of what the mind tells you the Universe has to offer you. And yes, there are negative things, but to focus solely on what really amounts to a very, very, small percentage of life, and then to say that that's all of life, or at the least, to feel that way? That's insanity, the insanity of the "sane" mind. Don't think we do this? Go ahead, watch some more news, and then do nothing about what you see except feel bad. But . . .but . . .I don't have enough money! That's right, you don't. So now what are you going to do about it? Feel bad some more? What money does doing that get you? It gets you nothing, nothing but being right about that you don't have enough money. There's that drug again. In a Universe where the only constant is change, how hard, how much work, do you think it is, to hold onto and maintain the belief, that you don't have enough money and that there's nothing you can do about it that would work? Whew! If we were in actuality lazy, we would have more money, because it takes a lot of work to maintain poverty! In the "stay poor process" negative affirmations have to be said to ourselves all day long, visualizations of doom and lack have to be made constantly, and bad feelings in reaction to this poverty have to be silently endured, time and time and time again. Whew, again! That is a lot of work! Maybe, I can find the magic "I got taller" door! Right? That way, I could flood in my success, and get out of all the work that my mind is already doing. In the online seminar I present, most of the work we do with people is to get them to the point where they see how much work they're already doing, and then with The Achievement Process, allow them to choose to do the exact same things they are doing right now, and with the exact same amount of work. Only this time, they choose to take all their energy and point it in directions of their own choice, not the mind's choice. Your voice, your choice. In this way, nothing different happens in the process, because the way to achieve success or failure is the same, only the end goal is different. And it's that end goal, the "being taller" that will make us successful, that makes all the difference in the world. Okay, for some people, it might be "if only I had been prettier" then I would have had all those doors opened up, or for some it might have been "If only I had been smarter." It doesn't matter what that portal looks like in your mind, that magic door can open up for you, but it's you who have to open it! This self-directed choosing of what direction our energy is going to be guided in, is the fulfillment of the "if only" desire. A fulfillment that will, through our hard work and persistence, so write out our spiritual bankroll in love and luxury, that it will make our heads spin with the flood of success that gets released. We can do this once we release the mind from it's job, and instead, using the same amount of energy that we are using right now, and with the same methods we are using right now, take up that job ourselves, only with quite different goals in mind. This is where we get to be taller! Because "if only" is here, and it's here right now! Only it's here, and it's only right now. Here's to your journey from your newly expanded and taller point of view. Looks great from up here, doesn't it? You go!About the Author:
If Only I'd Been Taller

TB Wright is the coursework creator of The One Penny Millionaire! a thirty week online seminar designed for your success.

A short video on useful affirmation work can be seen here:
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