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Hypnotherapy for Birth by:Anna Barrington

Hypnotherapy for Birth by:Anna Barrington

Hypnotherapy for birth or Hypnobirthing is a term that is increasingly appearing

in the news and spoken of by health professionals as the 'new way' to give birth; it is natural and often pain free. But what is this system and is it really a good as good as it is hailed to be?

The phrase was first coined by Marie Mongan in Amercia. She had her first baby in hospital and after reading the book 'Childbirth Without Fear' by Grantly Dick-Read she announced to the nurses that she was planning on having a natural birth. With a superior smirk the nurse maintained she would soon be 'screaming like the rest of them'.

Unfortunately Marie got caught up in the hospital protocols of the day and ended up having a high intervention birth when in fact her pregnancy had been proceeding in a perfectly natural way. With her second child a similar process happened, but by her third child Marie was wise to the current obstetrical practises and insisted she be left to give birth in the natural way with her husband present certainly not the done thing in those times!. Her third child was born in a calm and natural delivery with no drugs and no pain.

When Marie's own daughter became pregnant she taught the techniques she had used and she gave birth calmly and with no pain and without the use of drugs. Her friends of the similar age were also having babies and wanted to know the secret of this hypnotherapy for birth and so started the spread of hypnobirth revolution.
Hypnotherapy for Birth by:Anna Barrington

So what is it that has caused the increasing interest in this field, and what is the problem that mothers are looking to solve by turning to hypnotherapy births?

Often we are also pre-conditioned to see birth as a painful experience. Just think of every televised birth you ever saw, and think of what the word 'labour' conjures up in your imagination. So Mothers often approach the process of 'labour' in a state of near terror, not made any easier by the scare stories they have heard. They then become tense, their muscles tighten up and the end result is they feel pain during their childbirth. Often as a result of the pain they will need medical intervention which will start the cycle of medical intervention throughout the birth.

Hypnotherapy for birth turns this whole cycle of events on its head. Using the techniques taught you are able to be very relaxed, especially those all important muscles and experience the birth in a more positive frame of mind and body. The end result is the whole process becomes an enjoyable experience and many women report that they experience no pain at all.

Using these techniques childbirth can easily become one of the most enjoyable experiences you have in your life. Hypnotherapy for birth is the key to helping this come about - and I for one hope that if you are a woman, and if you are pregnant, or if you know one, you will at least consider this as an option which may enhance your own experience of childbirth, and give a better start in life to your baby.

About the author

Anna Barrington writes for The Hypnobirthing Centre which teaches Hypnobirthing in London UK - a system of hypnobirthing for birth promoting relaxation and comfort for women during childbirth.

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