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How To Weed Out Business Opportunity Scams

Today, the amount of business opportunities floating out there is mind boggling

. Throw into the mix a heavy dose of scammers trying to steal your money, and it is no wonder people get so frustrated and throw in the towel. But don't give up just yet.

Believe it or not, many of the scams can be uncovered by doing a little research. Obviously this method is never foolproof, but it can be extremely effective.

To help you determine a legit opportunity, you should always put each business you consider through the checklist below.

- Check to see if they have been reported to the BBB

This is probably the best way to find out how legit a company is. Keep in mind that even reputable companies sometimes are reported to the BBB, however. Of course, if a company has multiple offenses, it is a huge red flag.

- Is the company professional?

Observe the manner in which their sales reps behave. If they aren't courteous and are unable to answer even basic questions, this is a huge warning sign.

If anything raises a red flag in your mind, don't discount those feelings just because you are excited about what they are offering.

- Check for any testimonials they might have

When a company posts testimonials with contact information on their brochure or Website, don't be afraid to get into contact with these people and asks questions. If the opportunity is for real, they won't have any problems gushing about it.

When a company is unable to produce any testimonials on their behalf, don't hesitate to ask why that is the case.

- Always trust yourself and use common sense

As the old saying goes, if something looks too good to be true, then is probably is. Make a list of pros and cons for each opportunity and try to be honest with yourself when listing the cons. If you aren't realistic when making your evaluations, the only loser will be you.

Many of these scam artists get you excited on purpose so that your judgment is clouded and you make a poor decision. Take a step back and sleep on any opportunity for a few days before making a final decision. Believe me, it will be there tomorrow.

If you start to feel uneasy about a company or their opportunity, then it is usually a good idea to move on. Your time and money are too valuable not to go over each opportunity with a fine tooth comb.

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