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How To Use A Tongue Scraper

But over half the population do suffer from chronic bad breath and the causes are varied

, but the correct treatments are not rocket science and really quite easy.

If you have lots of stuff stuck to your tongue, then a tongue scraper is going to help you, but you need to use it the right way.

Do not spend a heap of money on this, but once you have one, do use it daily and in the correct manner.

If you scrape the living daylights out of your tongue till it ulcerates or bleeds, you can guarantee you are being too rough.

You should gently brush the build up off your tongue each morning and night.

Please do not scrub the poor thing to bits.

Squeeze a little dob of good quality toothpaste and spread it thinly along your tongue and let it sit there for about a minute then gently rinsing it off.

That's all you need to do.

Use your tongue scraper in conjunction with a good quality toothpaste many popular brands are full of soap which dries out your mouth, so avoid them, as they will make your breath more putrid than it is now.

Likewise if you use a mouthwash, avoid the popular full of alcohol versions which will get the bacteria in your mouth very overexcited so they produce bucketloads of sulphur which totally pongs.

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