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How To Treat The Gnashing Of Teeth While Sleeping

Gnashing of teeth or Bruxism is a sleep disorder that occurs in most of the people for some time in their lives

. Medically it is termed as a Bruxism and also parafuctional activity. Its severe form can cause health problems but in mild case it causes no harm to health. Usually the grinding is done unconsciously while sleeping. With the grinding of teeth it also involves clenching of jaw. It is obvious that the sufferer would not know about this disorder until someone else tells him/her. It can be quite problematic for the sufferers roommate or partner and it can be pretty awkward while sleeping with other people. It has some similarities with snoring problem but gnashing of teeth can be more problematic in case of kids.

There are various causes of Bruxism the first and most common is stress and anxiety. People who suffer from daily stress and feel anxiety in normal day to day activities build up this problem. Severe quantity of stress doesnt allow you to relax even at sleep due to which teeth grinding occur. Try to exercise daily to minimize stress. You can also use meditation and reading techniques to minimize the daily grind of stress and can have sound sleep too. Massage your jaw muscles and its surrounding area to release stress from these areas.

Bad sleeping posture can also be the reason of teeth grinding. Try to sleep on the right hand side so that gases should not interrupt the heart section. If gases interrupt heart section then it can increase stress on your heart and can trigger clenching of jaw. In children jaw development issue can occur which can cause Bruxism. This can be better cured by consulting with a dentist. Try to drink as much water as you can and eat healthy diet to keep your energy level up and perform well in working which gives you satisfaction. This in turn will give you a good night sleep.

A researcher from an institutions school for dentistry discovered that there is some sort of suppressed anger and frustration which can trigger teeth grinding problem by interviewing different patients. It is also seen that aggressive and hyperactive people also develop this sleeping disorder. The remedy for such cases is a mouthy guard or splint that can at least stop you from teeth grinding. Splint can be of different types it is up to you to decide which one better suit your teeth to prevent teeth grinding. School of dental from any medical institution can do the job for you in this regard because they have different types of splint prototypes to practice.

Top dental schools have facilities available for outsiders you can consult in detail with them by visiting them. Mostly experienced and well qualified instructors are hired for teaching purpose. They can guide you and help you better in this case by suggesting you useful treatment and remedies. Many people take Bruxism not seriously because they think that it cannot harm them severely but it can damage your teeth badly which can trigger eating issues and so affect your health.

by: Katherine J. Buxton
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