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How to Train the Injured Athlete

How to Train the Injured Athlete

Author: Ruth TaylorHow to Train the Injured Athlete

Author: Ruth Taylor

Injuries are inevitable in sports, and weather you have a pulled muscle, a sprained ankle or a broken leg or foot, the first thing the doctor will recommend is REST. And that sets the athlete back in his/ her training and conditioning, separates him/ her from the rest of the team and can affect his/ her performance. Exercising in spite of the pain can cause more severe injuries. Fortunately, there are several trainers that can help the injured athlete get back in shape while recovering from lower body injuries. The most beneficial type of exercise in this case is low impact exercise and there are three trainers that are recommended in this situation: AlterG GlideTrak GlideCycle The AlterG and the GlideTrak are indoor trainers and are used with a treadmill (virtually any treadmill works with the GlideTrak, but you will need a specific treadmill for the AlterG). The GlideCycle is very similar to a GlideTrak, but it has two wheels and is designed for outdoor use. All three trainers allow the athlete to run without putting strain on his/ her joints and ligaments, by reducing their effective body weight. The AlterG achieves this by inflating an enclosure which the athlete is zipped into. Air pressure elevates the users body, counteracting the force of gravity. As for the GlideTrak or the GlideCycle, they achieve the same unweighted state by suspending the athlete in a saddle which is adjustable and allows the pressure on the lower body to be taken away in various degrees. The AlterG, the GlideTrak and the GlideCycle reduce direct and cumulative impact on a runner can be used after surgery on knees, hips, ankles, etc. can be used to increase aerobic conditioning even if you have knee, hip or back problems can be used for neurologic retraining can be used for weight control and reduction These anti-gravity trainers are also great for cross training. By reducing the wear and tear of conditioning, they can help extend an athletes career. They also provide an excellent way to do exercise that prevents injuries. Even if different in appearance, all these three devices offer similar benefits and can be used towards the same goals. To see a side by side comparison of these trainers click here. About the Author:

I like hiking, reading, cooking, gardening... I love life and people. And I try to keep in a good shape, stay healthy and help others do the same by sharing health tips that I find useful. For more health tips you can visit my blog. I also invite ladies to have a look at this women's health blog. You'll find some intriguing facts and lots of useful information.
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