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How To Take Care Of An Elderly Dog?

How To Take Care Of An Elderly Dog?

If you have been fortunate enough to watch your best friend age

, you will also find that he has developed some physical problems and limitations. Taking care of an aging dog requires more of your time and more patience, but it is worth the effort.

Many dogs go deaf as they age. When this happens you can no longer just call for your dog to come. Instead you will need to either get their attention and communicate with a your hands, or maneuver him where you want him to go.

It is even more important to use a leash when on walks, as he will not be able to hear you calling him back if he runs into the street.

Many dogs lose some or all of their sight. This is more difficult to deal with, as you have to make sure they have a clear path through the house and yard. If you have stairs, make sure the railing does not allow them to go through and fall to the ground below.

Any part of the house where your small blind dog could walk off of and drop (an upstairs patio, upstairs landing), or an in-ground pool he could blindly fall into, needs to be somehow blocked. Chicken wire works fine. For a pool you might need to enclose it with a rod iron fence or a temporary chain link fence.

Another thing you need to do to make life easier for your blind friend is not to leave him alone in strange surroundings. This scares a dog and he might end up bothering neighbors with his barking as he calls for you.

There are other conditions the older dog can develop, such as heart problems, diabetes, and poor dental health. Whatever your dog develops, you will find the money needed to keep him healthy is money well spent if you are able to enjoy his company for another year or two. Pet health insurance is a good idea to prevent going into debt, and is available for reasonable rates when your dog is young.

Puppies are fun, but an old dog has become a true friend, someone you know and are comfortable with. At the same time, he is much more attached to you than when he was young. Nothing can replace him, and when the day comes to say good-bye, you feel like you have lost a part of yourself.

When that day comes you might want to consider cremating him and placing his remains in an urn or specially crafted container. Have a crematory in mind, with their phone number handy before you need their services.

More and more people are doing exactly this, and they find it helps to lessen the heartache. Place several pictures of your beloved pet around the urn, perhaps his favorite jacket he wore in the winter, or his collar. This makes a wonderful reminder for you and for your family of a friend you deeply miss.

by: Ryan Round
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