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How to Select Teeth Whitening Kit? – Dental Facts Made Easy

Author: Johnny Q

Teeth whitening may help you a lot in improving your appearance and smile, but there are certain disadvantages as well that you should consider before using this procedure. The adverse effects of teeth whitening products can be because of many reasons. It can be due to varied composition of bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide or car amide peroxide that is used in teeth bleaching strips and other products. Bleaching agents produces free radicals that affect the pigment contained in the organic parts of tooth enamel. These radicals reduce the pigment strength and their property to reflect light, leaving the teeth to appear white. Our oral cavity is made up of soft tissues that are sensitive by nature. Whenever these tissues come in contact with something as caustic as hydrogen peroxide there is reflex action of irritation and salivation. It leads to a good amount of irritation in the mouth, which can last for many days. It ends only with the reduction in peroxide strength or neutralization. Dentists do not anesthetize patients mouth during teeth whitening treatment and that can lead to discomfort during the procedure, which can sustain after the process is over. This is because of the sensitivity of teeth to the whitening procedure. Another point of dissatisfaction is uneven whitening of teeth. In whitening process, the tips of the teeth are whitened. Later on with continued usage, rest of the teeth are whitened. Meanwhile, teeth fillings do not lighten with a teeth whitening procedure resulting in unevenly whitened teeth. In some cases, people may suffer white spots on their teeth during the treatment. This can be removed by bleaching teeth periodically, which will result in fading away the spots and lightening the teeth. In majority of the cases, teeth whitening make the teeth sensitive to hot and cold drinks and food. After the whitening treatment, some people may experience pain for hours; which indicates that the whitening agent has come in contact with the nerve in tooth. Otherwise, it can be because of dehydration of the tooth. If the treatment is done without keeping protective barrier on gums, then it can result in chemical burns. This is due to the contact of the bleaching agents with the gums. Sometimes excessive whiting can lead to increase in the risk of darkening your teeth. Many users suffer from bleeding tongue and gums after using hydrogen peroxide as bleaching agent. In some cases, it can also result in diarrhea or abdominal pain. Usually in the teeth whitening products, the concentration of bleaching agent is maintained in safe standards but peroxide may give rise to respiratory problems. You must check that your teeth whitening kit contains carbamide peroxide in less than 10% concentration because excessive concentration can lead to many complications. All these facts should be considered before selecting the most optimal teeth whitening kits. About the Author:

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How to Select Teeth Whitening Kit? – Dental Facts Made Easy