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How to Ride your New Dirt-Bike Safely by:Billy Whitmire

How to Ride your New Dirt-Bike Safely by:Billy Whitmire

So now you have your first dirt-bike, brand new and ready to go

, but you have limited riding experience. Are there some steps that can help a new rider learn how to operate their dirt-bike safely? Here are a few tips on how to ride your new dirt-bike safely:

-Learn About the Dirt-Bike

-Wear Safety Gear

-Get Familiar with HandlingHow to Ride your New Dirt-Bike Safely by:Billy Whitmire

-Take Some Riding Lessons

Learn About the Dirt-Bike

The first step toward riding your new dirt-bike safely is to learn as much about the bike as you can. You can get a great deal of information from the owner's manual, and the operator's specifications. By learning as much as you can about the dirt-bike educates you to operate it within safe limits. One of the surest ways to get hurt on a bike is to attempt a maneuver that the bike is not designed to perform. Every dirt-bike is going to have limitations, and it is important to know what those limitations are.

Learning the limitations about your dirt-bike is one of the best methods for operating it safely.

Wear Safety Gear

It is mandatory that every operator wear safety gear if they intend on avoiding, or reducing injuries. It may seem cool, or brave to ride a bike without gear, but all it takes is one spill for your riding career to be over. The safety gear that is available today is comfortable, lightweight, and rugged. Once you get used to the idea of wearing safety gear, it is so comfortable you will forget you are even wearing it. This will make it much easier for you to focus fully on riding well, instead of worrying about getting hurt.

Rider safety gear is not an option if a dirt-bike is to be operated safely, it is mandatory at all times.

Get Familiar with Handling

Every bike is unique in the way that it handles. Depending on design, manufacturer and specifications, dirt-bikes have various unique handling features. It is best to get familiar with the handling features of your new dirt-bike at the onset. This can be accomplished by putting the bike through various maneuvers under a controllable speed. Start with acceleration, shifting, turns, and jumps. This will let you get comfortable with the way the dirt-bike handles. Pay attention to how the bike moves into the maneuver, and how it comes out of it as well. Overtime, and with practice you will get familiar with how your dirt-bike handles.

It is important to get familiar with the handling features of a new dirt-bike before attempting any complicated maneuvers.

Take Some Riding Lessons

If you are a beginning rider it is always suggested that you take some riding lessons. There is nothing wrong with this, and you will gain some solid riding knowledge from those with experience. It takes a lot longer to gain personal experience, and you will gain it, but just think of the time you will save with lessons. One of the best aspects of taking lessons is the painful lessons you can avoid. Lessons will help you prevent many unnecessary injuries, and setbacks by learning solid riding skills.

Taking riding lessons is the safest and quickest method for gaining a ton of knowledge from experienced riders.

About the authorHow to Ride your New Dirt-Bike Safely by:Billy Whitmire

Learning to ride a dirt bike is fairly easy, but there are a lot of skills required to master it.

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How to Ride your New Dirt-Bike Safely by:Billy Whitmire