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How to Master General Chemistry Online in 24 Hours

How to Master General Chemistry Online in 24 Hours

Author: . Wayne Huang" href="http://www.articlesbase.com/authors/dr.-wayne-huang/185054.htm">Dr. Wayne Huang

Online or offline, how do you learn chemistry fast?

How about study general chemistry visually in 24 hours?

Two words Rapid Learning! Its general chemistry tutorial series focuses on core concept understanding and problem solving skills.

Is your current old style learning method working for you? There is an alternative to traditional chemistry learning, that is Rich-Media Learning. This is to use the multi-modal rich learning via enhanced visualization, animation and expert narration, along with the focus on core concepts and problem solving skills.

General Chemistry could be one of the toughest cookies to bite if you dont know how. However, for many master students, chemistry becomes an easiest course to learn. When everything comes together effortlessly, the aha moment will come. But now?

Chemistry is a visual science, which is better mastered via visual approach. Learn your general chemistry visually in 24 hours!

The rich-media General Chemistry Tutorial Series by Rapid Learning Center is a break-through learning system with scientific teaching method coupling with rich-media visualization and expert narration. In chemistry, it breaks down the entire course into 24 chapters, one chapter at a time, one hour per chapter in total of 24 hours.

Here is the step by step to your general chemistry online success:

Step 1: Study all the required core concepts and learn how to solve the related problems step by step via rich-media video tutorials.

Step 2: Practice the problem solving with the feedback-based interactive drills.

Step 3: Super Review the summary cheat sheet for all the key concepts and formulas. Put them into your memory system for easy retrieval in your general chemistry exam.

In an hourly study of each chapter, it will take 30 minutes for the rich-media video, 20 minutes for the problem drill and 10 minutes for the super review, together 60 minutes for one chapter.

Study your general chemistry visually and rapidly with Rapid Learnings 24-hour College Chemistry series at http://www.rapidlearningcenter.com/chemistry/college_chemistry/college-chemistry.htmlAbout the Author:

Dr. Wayne Huang, "The Rapid Learning Coach", is a veteran educator and the co-author of 12 textbooks and 100+ online courses. He is the founder and CEO of Rapid Learning Center (http://www.rapidlearningcenter.com), the leading eLearning solution provider for science and math at both high school and college levels.
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