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How to Make Your own Children's Craft Apron

How to Make Your own Children's Craft Apron

How to Make Your own Children's Craft Apron

Arts and crafts with young children are often messy and can lead to ruined clothes if you don't have a good craft apron. Follow the instructions below to make a craft apron for your child.


Step:-1 Craft aprons are best if made from a durable material like canvas or denim. An apron for a small child (2-6 years) will only need about one half of a yard. Older children's apron will need more material, up to one yard. You can purchase the material at any fabric store.

Step:-2 To begin, measure the child from just below the collarbone to around their knees. This will be the length of the apron. Then measure around the waist to get the width of the apron. Also, you need to measure from the collarbone to the waist, so you will know where to put the ties.

Step:-3 Fold the material in half and mark the Length and width measurements as well as the waist measurement. Draw a straight line (long enough to stretch across the chest) across the top of the apron. Mark the waist measurements on the material. Draw a straight line (long enough to cover the legs) across the bottom of the apron.

Step:-4 Connect the waist measurements to the bottom of the apron with another straight line. Connect the top line to the waist measurement in the shape of a "J".

Step:-5 Use a strong ribbon like grosgrain ribbon (available at any craft or fabric store) for the neck ties and waist ties. Cut two strips long enough to tie behind the child's neck for the top of the apron and cut two strips of ribbon long enough to tie around the child's waist. Pin the strips in place.

Step:-6 Sew a hem all the way around the apron by folding the edges in two times. The ribbon will be folded into the seams. You will need to re-pin them after folding the seams. Then stitch all the way around the apron.Decorate the apron with paints or other decorations if you would like to, then have fun enjoying your craft projects. guest:  register | login | search     IP( Aguascalientes / Aguascalientes Processed in 0.014034 second(s), 6 queries , Gzip enabled debug code: 16 , 2067, 956,
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