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How To Make Money Online - 8 Easy Steps to Generating Affiliate Income (Part II)

How To Make Money Online - 8 Easy Steps to Generating Affiliate Income (Part II)

How To Make Money Online - 8 Easy Steps to Generating Affiliate Income (Part II)

As mentioned in the title this is the second installment of a two part series. In PART 1, I discussed how a quick online income can be generated with no previous experience in affiliate marketing or web design knowledge. I went over how Clickbank, an affiliate network can be used as a source for finding an affiliate product to promote, then I went on to outline the first 3 ways of promoting the product, namely; Facebook, Yahoo Answers, and Twitter. In continuation of those here are the other four ways to promote your affiliate product from Clickbank.

Sidenote: Another great affiliate network that I would recommend is where you can Sign up in 5 easy steps and begin promoting products instantly. Their advertisers offer some of the best of the best payout percentages in the business.

Commenting (Forums and Blogs)

Commenting is a great way to gain some free traffic to your website. Not only will you be helping and interacting with others but you'll also be increasing the exposure to your affiliate offer.

Google some forums that are related to the niche in which you chose your affiliate product. If you're involved in internet marketing like I am then a couple good ones for you would be and (You're welcome). There are more out there but you'll have to do some research.

Signing up for these forums is a very easy process but it could take some time creating new profiles for each forum (keep the login you create consistent). Once you're signed up for a few, log in and begin interacting with others by commenting on good posts.

NEVER, EVER introduce yourself. I learned this the hard way so take it from me when I say act like a veteran and just get active.

Find posts that are relevant to your product/niche and reply to them. If you don't have a suitable response then Google one. You'll be surprise what you find.

Make sure your comments are relevant and sound natural. It didn't take long for me to realize that people in those forums seriously frown upon been advertised to and they won't hesitate to let you know. Don't sell anything yet.

Most of these forums require that you have a minimum of ten posts before you can create a signature or put a link in your profile so get active.

Once you have ten comments you'll be upgrade. This is when you can use your affiliate product link in your comment signature and as part of your profile. This way you're not selling anything but still giving your offer exposure.

The other highly lucrative place to comment is on relevant blogs in your niche. Don't copy and paste comments, type something new and natural.

Most blogs require that you sign in before commenting so use that to your advantage by using the link in your profile. This way when someone clicks on the name in your comment they are taken to your affiliate product.

If your comment is relevant and helpful you've already presold them on what you're promoting.

In your comment itself you can recommend your affiliate product depending on what the topic is at hand.


Go to and create a profile using the same login details as your other social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Check out My Channel on there for some examples.

When creating your profile make sure to put the link to your affiliate offer in the spot where it asks for your website.

Search for high traffic videos in your niche and leave some relevant comments. I suggest leaving any links out of your comments because they are so many others doing it that your comment will not stand out or worst come off as spam. With strong comments readers will want to know more about you. They will link back to your profile where they can find the link to your offer.

If you are very comfortable with your niche you can take it one step further by making your own video that's relevant to the product you're promoting using a simple webcam.

In the resource box (author box) recommend your affiliate product in a soft-sell manner. Ex: For Weight Loss niche; "I used to struggle with my weight and everything I tried in the past always yielded the same results, NOTHING! But that was till I tried this product (your affiliate offer). It worked really well for me. I feel better than I have in years so I highly recommend you try it too."

Everyone loves a recommendation so this should help in getting clicks to your affiliate offer.


This one is a simple way of getting some of your associates (friends, coworkers, etc) to view your offer. Don't assume they won't be interested because then you're already limiting your audience.

Create a personal email that will entice them to click through to your offer, especially if it's in a niche that may be of interest to them.

Increase the exposure of your email by encouraging others to forward it. Offer a prize to the person with the most forwarded email to generate some competition. Unless you have the money to shell out on an expensive prize, something unused that you already own should work just fine.

This promotion strategy is by far the easiest and quickest way to promote your offer, however it is going to cost you about $5. is a site where people around the world offer to perform a wide range of services for only 5 bucks. For the price of a subway footlong you can get anything from having someone roll in the grass wearing a bunny outfit, to doing a voice over, to tweeting your post to their followers.

Sign up for a free account and once again try to use the same login details as your other social profiles.

Go to and sign up for an account if you don't already have one. PayPal is the payment processing service that Fiverr uses to process your order.

Back on Fiverr, search for "Social Networking". You will get a listing of over a hundred people who will promote your product for $5.

Look through the results and choose someone who not only has lots of positive feedbacks from other users but also plenty of Facebook fans or friends and Twitter followers.

Click on a promotion service that they are offering and the site will guide you through the PayPal payment processor. Simply use the PayPal account information that you set up in step 4.

Be sure to check that the person delivered on the service you paid for.

Once you begin to see some results you can do this over and over to get more exposure to your affiliate offer.

Down the line it can even be used to promote new offers that you decide to promote regardless of the niche that they are in.

And we have it folks, 8 simple steps that are sure to jumpstart your online income. It is highly unlikely that you won't make any money with the methods I've shown provided you follow the steps properly and put in the amount of work necessary. If you're are not seeing the kind of results that you want in the beginning then just keep tweaking it till your income generating machine is running on all cylinders. Thomas Edison didn't invent the light bulb on one try so the key is to keep working at it.
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