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How To Improve Your Google Rankings

How To Improve Your Google Rankings

With so many people having websites nowadays, it's no surprise that so many are wondering how to improve their Google rankings

. While this can be a somewhat complicated subject because Google frequently changes its methods and formulas for determining its rankings; it's actually not as difficult as you think.

The two main ways to increase it is to create more backlinks or increase your page rank. This is because these are two major factors that determine how relevant a website is.

Before we look at page rank and backlinks though, we need to make sure that your website is relevant for the keyword that you're kind of right for. You want the keyword that you are trying to rank to be in the title of your web page, as well as every hundred order so words. You do not for any reason want your keyword to appear more than every 50 words, because the search engines will decide that you are stuffing your content of keywords and will not indexed your site.

Lastly, if at all possible you want to create an anchor text link within your web page that is your keyword. By doing these simple things, you can ensure the search engines will rank your particular keyword high.

The reason that we did that first is because no amount of backlinks will help you if the search engines don't rank you. Think of it almost like a pyramid: relevancy is the bottom of the period, then backlinks, and then page rank. By completing all these different levels, you ensure that your page will be ranked well in Google. So, now that we have a foundation of relevancy built, we can move on to getting backlinks.

There are dozens of ways to get backlinks, and almost all of them are very tedious. You can do pretty much anything you want, from forum posts, to posting some blogs, to publishing articles. Whichever method you decide to choose, stick with it! Most people fail because they try to spread themselves to thin and get overwhelmed. It's much better to do to 40 forum posts each day than to do one form post, one blog comment, and one article each day. Remember, when it comes to the backlinks the more the better. So choose a method, and start doing it!

The last thing that you can do to improve your Google rank is to raise the page rank of your website. The best way to do this is to get backlinks from other web sites that already have a high page rank. Personally, I think that the two easiest ways to do this are creating blogs and publishing articles, but there are other methods. For example, you can search for your keyword and see who the top listed result is, then try to publish an article on their site with a leap back to your own. While this may seem easy because you live through one article, convincing in them to publish it can be quite difficult.

If you follow these steps and build a good solid web page, you should improve your Google rank in no time!

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