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How To Get The Maximum Potential From Boat Zincs

How To Get The Maximum Potential From Boat Zincs

Marine corrosion is considered to be a slow but steady threat by mariners because the damage caused is irreparable

. The only antidote to corrosion is precaution. The most recommended way to protect your boat or vessel against corrosion is by installing boat zincs. The functioning of these anodes is rather simple. When two metals come into contact under water, a natural stream of current flows between them, just as it does in a battery. The current that flows between them also subsequently leads to corrosion. This process is often referred to as galvanic corrosion and just cannot be ignored by mariners.

In such a case, zinc anodes play a very important role as they can be attached to the shaft. Since they are the more active of the two metals, they corrode first and gradually reduce in size. This helps save the shaft or other underwater metals from corrosion. Once the anode has sacrificed itself and reached a particular size, it needs to be replaced so as to keep the corrosion combat cycle continual. Since zinc is one of the most commonly used type of sacrificial anode, many mariners know it just by the term zinc. If you have a very large boat or ship, you will need to consult a marine electrician about the exact size and number of anodes that you would have to fit.

It is very easy to install these small devices on the shaft. They are available in different varieties such as anodes meant especially for the shaft, propeller, rudder, stern, hull, engine, sail-drive etc. Since each of these parts is prone to corrosion, you might need to install different types of anodes on different parts. The importance of boat zincs cannot be undermined.

It is important to purchase high grade anodes so as to protect your boat from the long-term ill-effects of corrosion. Since most ships are continuously in the sea for a year or two, except for when they are dry docked, it is these anodes that protect the ships. Had it not been for anodes, we would have still been using wooden boats and ships or some other expensive metals that are exceedingly expensive.How To Get The Maximum Potential From Boat Zincs

The installation process of zinc anodes determines their success. It is important that there is a direct contact between the metal to be protected and the anode itself. In fact, even the presence of a thick layer of paint can cut off contact between these two metals and the anode cannot perform its function. Thats precisely why mariners would recommend that you get the Boat zincs installed with help from a professional. You could either weld or bolt them together or connect them with the help of a wire.

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