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How To Find Your Birth Parents Or Adopted Child: Adoption Record Search

How To Find Your Birth Parents Or Adopted Child: Adoption Record Search

How To Find Your Birth Parents Or Adopted Child: Adoption Record Search

The decision to find your birth parents or adopted child is an extremely difficult one; only one you can make on your own. Obviously you are interested in what is involved in conducting an adoption record search and we will be going through the process.

I would strongly recommend talking to your friends and family before conducting any adoption search because during your search you will need all the support and encouragement you can muster.

Before start preparing for your adoption search I would like you to think of the motivations behind wanting to locate your birth parents or adopted child.How To Find Your Birth Parents Or Adopted Child: Adoption Record Search

Write down a list of reasons why you will be conducting the search.

Below are some examples of reasons why you would like to meet your birth parents:

A missing addition to your life up till now.

To understand the reasons behind their decision to give you up for adoption.

To meet your biological parents.

Now that you have identified the reasons behind your desire to conduct an adoption search, you are now ready to prepare for your search.

When conducting an adoption search it's best to gather as much information as possible to assist in the search. So to begin, collect as much information as you can about the person you are searching for.

You will require at least first name and a last name. If possible, you may also include any name changes, if appropriate, but it isn't necessary as these can be found later during your search and also their birth place if possible. You will require as much detail as possible when conducting your adoption search.

Conduct An Adoption Search

The easiest and mostly overlooked method of finding someone is to use all the free tools that you have at home, for example, look up your current telephone directory or old address books, to see if they still live locally or in the same state. Just keep in mind they may have moved to another state or changed their name. If you don't find any potential matches using this method, don't give up hope. There is still a way to find the person you're looking for! I'll show you how!

There are some extensive databases online to assist you in the search for your birth parents or adopted child. Just by providing the name of the person you wish to search, you might find their location, full address, phone number and many other details.

These databases will be a valuable addition to the tools you have during your adoption search. Why do something the hard way?

One quick search will provide you with a lot of information about the person or people you are attempting to locate and will be a vital addition to your adoption search.

One way to locate your birth parents or adopted child is with state records. By searching public records, you will be able to access public reports about anyone which makes this a great tool to utilize during your search.

You might also want to view vital records such as birth records, marriage records or death records as a method locating the person you're attempting to find. These searches are particularly great for birth parents trying to find their adopted children. With this powerful search tool, you also have the ability to view any name changes due to marriages.

However, you don't need their first and last name to conduct an adoption search with these databases. You can actually locate people via phone number, email address, through their SSN and if you have none of these, just by their name.

Once you have found possible matches using the databases above, you will then need to write up a letter that you will send to all the potential matches you have found. Please remember when writing the letter that you will need specific information for verification purposes later so it's best not give all the information you have about this person.

Make sure that you encourage potential matches to reply via email, don't ever give your phone number or address under any circumstances during this stage, and ask they contact you even if they are not who you're searching for so you can remove them from your list.

If you receive a reply via email, it will be an exciting and amazing feeling. However, there is still some work that needs to be done to ensure that the person is who they say they are. Make sure you verify the respondent by asking questions to identify them which have not been used previously in your correspondence.

Once you're positive you've found the person you have been searching for, arrange meetings in very public place. Good places to meet is a shopping centre because you are able to talk in a public place without being subject to a dangerous situation, perhaps even have a coffee to relax the situation until you are comfortable.

Don't be disheartened if the person doesn't want to meet you or contact you. For whatever reason, they may feel like they are unable to make contact with you or allow you into their life. You must respect their decision and their reason for making their decision.

By implementing the steps I have discussed you will be well on your way to finding your birth parents or adopted child. With an adoption record search I'm positive that your quest will be an effortless task.

Conduct An Adoption Search
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How To Find Your Birth Parents Or Adopted Child: Adoption Record Search