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How To Effectively Rectify The Error Number 0x800ccc0e

How To Effectively Rectify The Error Number 0x800ccc0e

When the Microsoft Outlook Express faces a conflict with Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

(SMTP) servers while using any one of the Outlook Express programs to read through Windows Mail, the error number: 0x800ccc0e occurs. Normally the exact associated texts will be:

"The connection to the server has failed. Account: , Server: , Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure (SSL): No, Socket Error: 10051, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E."

SMTP, Port: 25, Secure (SSL): No, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

What exactly is the Cause behind this Error?

The conflict between the Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail and the SMTP server which leads to non-sending of the messages to another SMTP server (i.e. when MSN is used in conjunction with Outlook Express and the latter doesnt allow messages to be sent to another SMTP server) results in a clash making way for this error to occur. These errors come from inside Outlook and Outlook Express probably caused by updates made by you or through an email you got.

How to Rectify this Error?

The rectifying process requires one to follow instructions carefully to avoid the error to occur again. To resolve this error, set your e-mails SMTP server to the MSN SMTP server, and always try to double check whatever you are typing lest you avoid any mistakes.

1- Select Accounts option in Tools menu, and click on Mail tab to choose the account for changing the settings and select the Properties tab.

2- Click the Server tab in the properties section to get a displayed set of information. Delete the text from the Outgoing SMTP Mailbox and type (without punctuations).

3- Go to Outlook Mail Server section and check for box My Server Requires Authentication, and press Settings option and go to Login Information section to press the Log on Using button.

4- Type your MSN user ID name in the Account Name textbox (user name before @ portion of MSN email address), your MSN user password in the Password box, and check the box labeled Log on Using Secure Password Authentication.

5- Click Ok to save changes and return to the main page of the Outlook Express.

The error number: 0x800ccc0e would not occur with these settings, but however, if the error still persists, simply follow these little steps:- go to Tools menu, select Options, press the Properties tab and choose the Advanced option which will lead to a new window. In this, set the incoming port to 110 and outgoing port to 25 and uncheck the box This Server Requires Secure Connection, then restart the Outlook Express to recheck if the error number: 0x800ccc0e still occurs. If the error number: 0x800ccc0e still occurs, delete the account and create a new account by going to Tools menu and selecting the Accounts option.

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How To Effectively Rectify The Error Number 0x800ccc0e