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How To Easily Make Tick Powder For Your Pet

How To Easily Make Tick Powder For Your Pet

Once the summer has come, the danger for your lovely furry pet to get ticks increases by a greatly

. All the newly grown grass contains as much threat as joy for your dog. Of course, we have a solution for that "" tick powder. However, the tick products that you can purchase are considered to be not that safe because there are some dangerous toxins contained in them. That"s why if you want to keep your pet protected and avoid using these products, you will have to make your own powder.

A great recipe for tick powder that is very efficient and does not contain any dangerous toxins can be prepared really easily and with just a few ingredients. All you will need to make it is some diatomaceous earth, yarrow and the dry form of NEEM.

Mix all these together and that is the mixture that you will use as tick powder. It is dusty and to protect your dog you will need to rub it in its coat. Be careful though as diatomaceous earth is known to cause irritation to the mucosa. After the dust is settled, the dangers of irritation are gone.

What is diatomaceous earth?
How To Easily Make Tick Powder For Your Pet

DE is every bit natural and is really amazing. It is created from fossilized water creatures. It occurs naturally and is a siliceous sedimentary mineral compound that has been created from the tiny skeletal leftovers from dead unicellular plants that resemble algae and are called diatoms. Diatoms have been around and have made up part of the ecology of our out planet for quite some time. They were even around in prehistoric times. There is a theory according to which around 30 million years ago all diatoms found on earth started forming diatomite by building up deep and chalky deposits. Nowadays, diatoms are mined and used for the creation of a powder which really much resembles regular talcum powder in smell and appearance. Therefore, diatomaceous earth is a pesticide based on minerals. The ingredients that make up diatomaceous earth are about 33% silicon, 3% magnesium, 5% sodium, 19% calcium and 2% iron. There are also some trace minerals like boron, titanium, manganese, zirconium and copper. However, the dust should never be breathed continuously as this might be dangerous.

The diatomaceous earth described above is different from the diatomaceous earth which is used in the filters of pools. The DE used in pools has been heated up beforehand which has made the previously amorphous silicon crystalline. The diatomaceous earth used for pool filters cannot be applied for pest control.

What is NEEM?

NEEM is a wonder tree which comes from India. It has a great number of applications. Studies have shown that NEEM contains liminoids as well as alkaloids that all have some medical properties. NEEM helps heal wounds too and has great effect when used as an insecticide.

What is the role of yarrow?

Yarrow soothes the skin of the dog and also acts as a repellent.

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