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How to Choose the Perfect Size of Princess Dress by:Shelby Strong

How to Choose the Perfect Size of Princess Dress by:Shelby Strong

Choosing the perfect size of princess dress up clothes can be difficult at times

. You don't want the perfect dress to be too big so your little girl stepping on the hem and ripping it. Not to mention she may get frustrated that she can't walk or run in it easily. Another issue with a dress up that is too big is that it may drag on the ground and get dirty along the hem or on other places. If her dress up is not machine washable, dragging it can stain it and the brown spot or dirt that gets on the hem may never come out, leaving the dress ruined.

You also don't want your princess dress up clothes to be too small either. Small dresses may be uncomfortable to wear. Clothes that are too tight often bother little girls. If the dress is too small, you may also have a problem with the dress not fitting her for very long. It may look nice for a while, but after she has a growth spurt, it gets tossed in the pile of clothes that are too small, or toys that don't get played with any more. Often, dress up clothes that you buy at discount stores are made cheaply and in small sizes because they can save money if they use less fabric.

So, what do you do to find perfectly sized princess costumes? You can buy from a retailer that sells various sizes, and not one size fits all, so you can get one in size 2T and one in size 9 if you want. The Disney Store sells many of their costumes in individual sizes so you can find a good fit. Their princess costumes from Belle to Ariel are all very well made. However, they are very pricey as well. If the Disney Store does not fit into your budget, there are a couple alternatives.

There are some online dress up shops that sell various sizes of princess dress up clothes in a range of sizes from 1T-10 and have free shipping. Many of the stores will specialize in princess dresses or other costumes and have a wide range to choose from. Usually long princess dresses are well made because the manufacturer was not cutting corners and expenses by making them short. They will often have a sizing chart so that you can measure you child to make sure which dress up will fit them best. In this case, you will generally measure them from their shoulder to their ankle to see which dress up will be the perfect length for them.How to Choose the Perfect Size of Princess Dress by:Shelby Strong

Another thing to look for is machine washable princess dresses. Your little girl will spill something on her dress or get it dirty from hours of imaginative dress up play, so make sure the fabrics are quality enough that you can pop them in the washing machine and they will be good as new. Little Adventures brand dresses are machine washable.

If you are looking for a bargain, ebay or other online classifieds sites are great places to find lots of princess dress up clothes or other kids toys. Some dress ups will last and last for years to come and many children can get some fun out of them. You may not be able to find machine washable dress ups in this case, or get the perfect sizing, but you can save a lot of money and if you are on a tight budget, this kind of savings can be really important.

About the author

Shelby Strong is a stay at home mom of 2 girls and a boy. She is also a small business owner of an at home business called My Cute Dressups. Visit her site at She has seen the immense benefits princess dress up costumes and boy costumes has made in the life of her kids.
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How to Choose the Perfect Size of Princess Dress by:Shelby Strong