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How to Choose the Correct Screw for the Job

How to Choose the Correct Screw for the Job

How to Choose the Correct Screw for the Job

With a screw, it is easy to attach two pieces of almost anything. It is easy to remove these fasteners and then reuse them, which is not possible with nails. Steel screws are popular, as are ones made of aluminum or brass. The shape of the screw head and the material you want it to go into will influence your choice.

Here's how to choose the correct screw for the job-

A slotted one is used for straight joints, such as in the case of attaching a faceplate to an electrical outlet. A Phillips screw is shaped like a plus, and used in appliances, hinges, as well as other hardware.How to Choose the Correct Screw for the Job

A Torx screw is star shaped, while a Robertson looks like a square. On the other hand, a hex screw is six sided. They are used in machine and building industries since they better use the torque delivered by a power drill.

The thickness of the material you want to drill into will influence your decision about which fastener type to choose.

Research online for companies offering fasteners, and look for testimonials. Alternatively, you can visit your local hardware store or ask friends for recommendations.

You can use stainless steel screws with wood if you are looking for a weather resistant fastener. You need not be worried about corrosion of fasteners or unattractive stains then.

Steel screws which are waxed and lubricated will be easier to drive in. Do a price comparison among a few manufacturers before you make your purchase.

Flathead, roundhead, and pan head are all available types of fasteners. Flatheads have a flat top, so that it can be driven into a tapered hole, with the head set below the wood surface.

Sheet-metal fasteners often use pan heads, which are flat heads with slightly rounded sides. Roundheads look like a half-circle when viewed from the side. They are usually found on machine screws used in power equipment or cars.

Look for special offers on manufacturer websites, so that you can stock up on these purchases. You can even buy a do-it-yourself kit or an assortment of fasteners.

In case you need them urgently, look for a same day shipping option. Ordering online can be convenient if you have a busy schedule.

Steel screws, wooden ones, and even plastic ones are available. Screw Products Inc. has been in this field since 1999. Their star drive screws' recesses handle twice the torque over Phillips or square drive. It is easier to drive them in, so your arms and shoulders will not be strained. You choose from a variety of screws, depending on the material you are using!
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