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How To Choose Great Kids Halloween Costumes by:Monty Smith

How To Choose Great Kids Halloween Costumes by:Monty Smith

Great kids Halloween costumes are a bit subjective - it depends whose point of view you're looking at them from

. As a parent, a great costume is one that's safe and appropriate for the childrens age.

From a kid's point of view, practicality isn't really that important - they're more interested in the latest TV or movie character, the latest fad or a current celebrity.

Finding a happy medium is the best way to go, but whatever you do be sure to get the child to take part in the choice. Just be sure to give them some guidelines so they understand what you will or won't allow.

Kids won't enjoy Halloween if they're forced to wear a costume they don't like. It's sometimes hard to accept, but resign yourself to the fact that as a parent, your top choice is probably not the coolest in the eyes of your kids!

Wearing a costume is fun for people of all ages, but especially for kids. They just haven't developed the cynicism that comes with adulthood, and they'll think even the simplest things are great, if it's what they want.

A simple mask with the elastic string that goes around the back of their head can make them feel like they really are Superman - they don't need the latest in latex movie makeup to play a part.

If you're throwing a party for a bunch of kids this Halloween, a theme can be a great way to set the stage for their costumes. It can also be a bit educational if you choose something like a certain era or culture (just don't tell the kids!)

Whatever kind of costume you choose, just be sure to get on it early enough that your kids won't be disappointed if they're all sold out. This is especially important if they want to be the hero from this summer's blockbuster movie or some other popular character. The most recently popular costumes are usually the first to sell out.

About the author

Monty Smith writes about Halloween costume ideas and other Halloween-related topics for the Costumez Online website. Get more Halloween tips at
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