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How To Choose Ferret Toys

How To Choose Ferret Toys

Author: Steven Jefferson

Ferrets are known as playful and curious little creatures. However, most people don't realize that they actually need play time in order to stay healthy. You'll need to set aside two to three hours each day so they can play and exercise their natural curiosity. Most ferret owners already know just how much these little guys like to play. When planning to adopt a ferret, you need to factor in things like play time, too.

Ferret Toys

A bored ferret is an unhappy ferret, so you'll want to make sure that you offer them a reasonable selection of toys. Supplying them with a bunch of ferret toys, though, shouldn't break the bank. Ferrets can be happy with some rather ordinary items as toys. When selecting ferret toys, you will need to consider things like suitability and durability. All this means is that you need to take your pet's size and needs into consideration. And, for sure, you'll want to make sure any toys can stand up to their sharp teeth. Because it is a certainty that your ferret will chew whatever he can get his little mouth around. You may be able to find the right kind of ferret toys by looking through the cat toys section at your local pet store.

Ferrets also have a fondness for crawling into small spaces. To provide this kind of experience, you should consider getting them a ferret sleep sack. This fills two needs. It gives them a soft and comfy place to hide and to nap.

Making Your Own Ferret Toys

If you're attempting to give your ferret a wide choice of toys, it could start to get a little pricey. Maybe you should try making a few ferret toys yourself.

You can't go wrong by supplying your ferret with a tunnel or two. One of the easiest ways to make one is to visit your local hardware store and pick up a piece of PVC piping. Make sure the piping is at least 4 inches in diameter. You don't want your ferret to get stuck while playing. PVC piping is also pretty durable. So it will stand up to your ferret's chewing, for a while anyway.

One of the most basic of ferret toys is simply a crumpled up piece of paper. This could give him ages of fun. You'll need to make sure that he doesn't eat any of the paper, though. So be sure to clean up any bits he might tear off while he's playing.

By applying just a little bit of imagination, you can come up with many different ideas for homemade ferret toys.

Ferrets Do Like to Rough House

Yes, ferrets often like to play rough. It's part of their nature. However, you need to enforce the fact that they aren't allowed to play that rough with you. With firm but gentle training, they'll get the idea.

When several ferrets get together, though, it's almost certain that rough housing will ensue. It may even be hard to tell the difference between that and actual fighting. But, they all have pretty tough skin, so unless you think that one of them is actually getting hurt, it's okay to let them play a bit rough with each other.

Safety Concern

Safety should always be of primary concern, for both you and your pet. Naturally, you'll want to supply your pet with a ferret-proof area in your home. Always remember that ferrets are absolutely masters at squeezing themselves into the tiniest of spaces. You don't want to be faced with trying to extricate an unhappy ferret from a small space. It could be dangerous for both of you.

Some often overlooked hazards are things like exposed electrical cords and outlets. Be sure not to let things like this threaten your pet's safety.

We all want our ferrets to be happy and healthy, so let's not skimp on their toys and play time.About the Author:

Steven Jefferson is a ferret enthusiast. For more great information on ferret toys, visit
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How To Choose Ferret Toys