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How I Made $10k in Just 4 Weeks Selling $10 Ebooks by:Betty Wiley

How I Made $10k in Just 4 Weeks Selling $10 Ebooks by:Betty Wiley

I am writing this press release to all the Internet Marketing rookies like me! Well

, now that I think about it, you are probably not like me. I am a 57-year-old Internet Marketing grandmother who lives in a small house in upstate New York.

Anyway, just this past December I was financially desperate. I won't tell you my whole sob story, but the bottom line is that I was out of money and still had $1000s of bills to pay each month!

I was a branch manager at our local Citibank and when the mortgage crisis hit I was one of the many innocent victims of the corporate greed that created much of this mess. I lost my job and in just a few short months all of my savings were gone as well. Finding a job in the industry was a lesson in futility so I was forced to re-invent myself.

By chance I started reading Your Portable Empire by Pat O'Bryan and that's when I decided to try Internet Marketing.

Shortly thereafter I started looking around on the internet. I bought a couple of ebooks that taught me what to do. I literally followed the instructions, WORD FOR WORD. One book was about how to write articles and ebooks and the other was about generating traffic to your website.

Here is my encouragement to you! I had never done this before! I was a writer and I had a laptop, but that's about as much as I could bring to the table. On top of it, I had virtually no money! So I had to make things happen on a shoe-string budget!

I ended up spending less than $100, wrote and started selling two eBooks of my own . . . and within just over 4 weeks, I made more than $10,000 with Internet Marketing. What I've since learned is that this is even more amazing since the two eBooks I wrote and I sold were both priced at only $10 each.

Here is what I did:

1. I wrote about a subject that interested me.

2. I got an inexpensive web hosting package and made my own blog(very easy).

3. I built a free WordPress blog at

4. I created a Squidoo page and pointed it to both my blogs.

5. I wrote about the subject and created about 10 posts. I kept adding more and more content throughout the process.

6. I wrote my first eBook and priced it at only $8.

7. I wrote a few articles and submitted them to free article directories.

8. I wrote another eBook and priced it at $10.

9. I continued to post to my blogs in addition to answering emails.

10. Within in a few weeks, I was on page 1 of Google(not nearly as hard as I thought)

11. I opened an account with PayPal to handle the transactions (no cost)

12. I stayed focused even though some days weren't as encouraging as others.

So now that I've had this first experience, I am totally convinced that focused work and determination can create an income through Internet Marketing. Truly, I just wrote about a subject close to my heart. I sold to common men and women who were looking for information - not internet information, but information to help them in their lives.

I was honest, respectful and gave excellent customer service to everyone who contacted me. I learned how to put together an email list and now I am working on ways to sell products to my more than 1400 buyers!

There is still a lot I don't know. I continue to experiment and learn everyday. I'm excited about the future and encourage each of you reading this post to stay focused, spend your money wisely on good quality tools, and BEGIN!

If a grandmother living in the middle of upstate New York and can make $10,000 in just over 4 weeks on her first Internet Marketing offer, then anybody can who is willing to follow the same or similar steps for success! I have no doubt!

If you would like to read more come visit me at

About the author

I am a 57 year old grandmother who lives on a farm in rural upstate New York. I started writing ebooks when I lost my job in the banking industry.
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