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How Fuel Efficient Are Hybrid Vehicles?

The popularity of hybrid vehicles is ever escalating

. And some think that there is no stopping their trek toward future automotive industry domination. Since they are formally launched and formally marketed to the market around almost a decade ago, the interest towards hybrid vehicles continue to grow; since people are continually searching for alternative product choices to make their lives even more convenient. And with the amazing features, conveniences and benefits that they offer; it is not surprising that hybrid vehicles slowly steals the limelight from modern and more innovative conventional vehicles.

The development of hybrid vehicles answers the need for people to find alternative transportation means that use propulsion power source other than that of conventional vehicles. Also, it is more environment- friendly as compared to traditional ones because it reduces the emission of green house gases into the atmosphere. But what many people really looks up to hybrid vehicles is their promise of higher fuel efficiency which is said to be considerably higher as compared to high fuel efficiency conventional vehicles. This put hybrids in an advantage considering the towering prices of petroleum products in the world market; which are viewed to even grow higher overtime.

However, high fuel efficiency claims of hybrid vehicles are met with skepticisms and doubts. Many are still not convinced that having an alternative power source will mean lesser fuel consumption. But if you look at the mechanism of most hybrid vehicles being marketed today, one can readily say that fuel consumption is really reduced with the use of this vehicle type. Most marketed hybrids make use of an alternative power source to make the car work in the form of an electric motor. This electric motor is the primary power source of the vehicle. The gasoline engine only activates automatically once the electricity battery runs lowcontinuing the function of the car, and at the same time recharging the battery source. Thus, in short drives, the gasoline engine may not be used up at all. And so, gives great savings for the car owner.

Yet, there are still claims that some hybrid cars are only more fuel efficient as compared to their traditional versions and not to the whole spectrum of traditional vehicles. This may mean that such fuel efficiency can be reached even without the need to purchase an expensive hybrid. To make sure that your hybrid is really efficient, you must consult this possibility with your car dealer or ask for the advice of independent third- party car experts. In addition, your driving habits also greatly impact the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. This means that proper usage remains to be a great practice in ensuring fuel-efficient driving.

by: Levi Quinn
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