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How Employers Can Hire The Right Person For The Job

How Employers Can Hire The Right Person For The Job

Go over the person's resume and make sure that he or she has the qualifications that you require

. When going over the resume, look for any mistakes in spelling and punctuation. If the person sent you a resume with mistakes, what kind of mistakes will that person make on the job? Make sure that the resume seems tailored for the job that the person is applying for. You want to avoid people who just send out the same resume to every company that they are trying to get a job at.

Look at the cover letter. If there isn't a cover letter, do you even want to consider the applicant for employment? The cover letter should be well-written and tell you something about the applicant that is not in the resume. You will want to consider applicants who appear to have taken the time to have written a cover letter specifically for your company.

Background checks are important. You will want to conduct criminal background checks of all potential employees. In some cases, you may also want to conduct credit checks. How far in the past you go with a background check is entirely up to you. While some companies go back seven years, others will go back over two decades. Background checks will show if someone has lied on his or her resume and/or application.

Look at the applicants social media activity. Some applicants will present one side of their personality to you, while presenting a different side on social media sites. If hired, this person will be representing your company. A person who is doing or saying questionable things on a social media website will not help your company's image. There are companies that can help you find out what an applicant is doing on social media websites.How Employers Can Hire The Right Person For The Job

The interview can tell you a lot about an applicant. Did the applicant show up on time? Is the person dressed appropriately? Is he or she neatly groomed? Did the applicant conduct any research about your company? Ideally, you want the person to ask you questions during the interview. Asking questions is usually a sign that the applicant conducted some research on your company and about the job. Look for signs of confidence. You don't want to hire someone who is not confident in his or her abilities.

Contact past employers. You will be able to get an honest evaluation of the applicant's past job performance. If past employers don't give a good review of an applicant, he or she is definitely someone you will not want to hire. Only applicants with positive reviews should be considered. Make sure that you are speaking to a past employer and not the applicant's friend. Verify that the company exists. Some people will make up jobs and give potential employers the numbers of friends. Simply look up the company's contact information through the state it is supposedly located in to verify that you have accurate information.

by: Flynn Lambert
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