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How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Heat lampTraditional teeth whitening systems incorporate the use of a heat lamp or similar product

, to accelerate the oxidization process. The downside of this treatment method is that the use of heat as an accelerant causes a host of adverse symptoms, including; itching and skin irritation, gum irritation, mild to severe burning, sunburn and exposure to harmful UV radiation.

The Beyond laser teeth whitening system overcomes these harmful effects by using a beam of high intensity blue light, which is filtered through over 12,000 optical fibres. The light is finally filtered through two optical lenses, which have over 30 layers of coated optical glass. The cold, blue light, illuminates teeth at a wavelength of 480 -520 nanometers, which is proven to be the optimal range for teeth whitening.

Harmful Ultra-Violet (UV) light is completely removed from the filtering system, leaving only a focused beam of cold light in the blue-cyan spectrum. This penetrates deep into the teeth, enabling oxidization to occur without any of the harmful side-effects.

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