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How Do You Discover And Develop Awareness With Your Autistic Child?

How Do You Discover And Develop  Awareness With Your Autistic Child?

What does awareness mean? It means being conscious of what is going on in your surroundings and being sensible

. How can you develop and discover awareness to help your child with autism?

Having a child with autism may bring you many challenges because of the many levels the disorder has. For instance, your child may bang his or her head, have anger outbursts, difficult communication skills, poor eye contact, does not like changes or routines, loud noises that seem loud to him or her, but normal to you. These are a few of the characteristics that some children have with the disorder of autism.

You as parent(s), caregiver(s), want to discover and develop an awareness of the behavior characteristics your child has. For example:

* You need to develop a sensitivity toward your child.How Do You Discover And Develop  Awareness With Your Autistic Child?

* Try to understand him or her, by developing a oneness with your child to discover awareness.

* Put yourself in the place of your child, by being aware of trying to understand his or her fears, hopes, getting involved with other children, taking interest in his or her dreams and giving encouragement.

* As you get to know and understand your child with autism, learn, understand the thoughts, feelings and moods. In addition, his or her expression of words, facial expressions, movements, feelings, habits, and words.

* Discover and develop awareness by keeping mentally alert as to what is going on around your surroundings with your child. Make choices that count and are related to the issues.

You as parent(s), caregiver(s), will discover awareness in your child by being curious, observant, excelling with building knowledge and growth in your child.

Your child sees you as an example of his or her awareness. The more imagination you have, you will discover awareness of growth and your child will grow stronger in many of the areas that are and were weak.

Discover awareness in your autistic child, is to take the time to listen and know when not to speak or reprimand him or her. There are times when silence works at its best and there is no need to speak. Acknowledge what your child is saying and comprehend it with respect, to build a strong trusting relationship. Never talk down to your child or make him or her feel that they are not worth your time to listen to what they have to express.

Through growing of awareness, you will discover a new personality of what your child and you will gain, plus positive growth as being parent(s), caregiver(s).

Remember, the more you become aware of the many attributes that your child with autism has, the more he or she will develop their attributes and they will discover new challenges that become easier.

by: Bonita Darula
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How Do You Discover And Develop Awareness With Your Autistic Child?