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How Do I Pay For Drug Addiction Treatment?

How Do I Pay For Drug Addiction Treatment?

How to pay for drug addiction treatment shouldn't pose an obstacle for people who need help for drug addiction or alcoholism

. However, it often does because many people do not understand what their options are, what insurance coverages they have or if there are other types of funding or scholarships available to attend a Florida drug rehab center or a treatment facility anywhere in the country. In most cases, a professional drug rehab center will be able to take care of all the necessary insurance paperwork and filing procedures. They can also help with self-funding and state or federal funding. Ultimately, if you need help for drug or alcohol abuse, the cost should not be a primary concern instead you should be picking up the phone and asking for immediate help from a professional. As far as paying for treatment goes, you'll be offered the following options:

The primary way that most people pay for drug addiction treatment in Florida or anywhere else is with insurance. Insurance to cover drug treatment or alcohol rehab can come in many different forms, such as insurance benefits as offered by an employer or insurance that you have arranged for personally and pay out-of-pocket. Other types of insurance that might pay for rehab can include state funded insurance programs for low income families or single mothers.

Employee Assistance Programs are especially useful if your employer provides insurance benefits that cover drug rehab services. EAPs, also known as Member Assistance Programs when unionized, provide a secure way for employees to talk about their problem and have the help they need be completely arranged for them by the EAP staff and service providers. These programs are generally confidential and will not penalize the employee in any way, provided the person reaches out for help in the appropriate manner.

People that do not have insurance of any type often self-pay. Additionally, people who have insurance that does not cover the full amount of, for instance, a residential inpatient treatment program, will usually be required to self-pay for the difference. This money can come from savings, working capital, liquidated assets, or a loan from family or friends. In some cases, an addict or alcoholic may be able to obtain a bank loan in order to cover the shortfall. This type of payment needs to be arranged in advance with the addiction treatment center, and all of this will be discussed during your confidential initial consultation.How Do I Pay For Drug Addiction Treatment?

For people that need help but have no insurance and no ability to self-pay, there are still options. State or federal welfare and healthcare programs may pay for drug and alcohol rehab services. Some states and local governments may also have a fund to help people who are addicted. Additionally, there may be scholarships available from certain entities such as MADD and other groups who are focused on defeating addiction and alcoholism.

Paying for addiction treatment shouldn't be the concern of the person suffering from addiction or alcoholism. Instead, let that be the focus of the Florida drug rehab centers that will make all arrangements for you. Even if you have no insurance, you can still probably get help, but you won't know.

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How Do I Pay For Drug Addiction Treatment?