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How A Mother Is Teaching Her Kids About Money

How A Mother Is Teaching Her Kids About Money

The grocery store represents one of the best training grounds when teaching kids about money

. In the grocery store you have all of the paradigms of life contained within the aisles of the store. Today let's consider what happens when a mother takes her 10 year old daughter shopping at the local grocery store. For today's example the mom is Carolyn and the daughter is Amy.

The first thing Carolyn and her daughter Amy did was set a budget and create a list of the items they needed. Carolyn had read about teaching kids about money and wanted to use today as the first lesson. After creating the big list Carolyn helped Amy create her own list and her own budget to purchase the things she uses the most in the house. Amy was responsible to select the items she felt would satisfy what was on the list. Periodically they would match up their list and their budget to see if they are on track and also to see if they are getting good value for their money. Amy all excited goes into the store with visions of cocoa puffs and all of the name brand items dancing in her head. As any typical 10 year old would Amy began picking up all of the items she remembered from seeing the ads on television. Her thinking was if it's on TV it must be the best.

After picking up the first couple of items Carolyn noticed that they were all name brands and also happened in this case to be the most expensive. Carolyn asked Amy to tally how much she had spent. When Amy realized how much she had spent she was concerned because they still had many items left to purchase. Carolyn instructed Amy to look for another item in the same area that would satisfy the need but would cost less. Amy now went back and noticed that there were lots of similar items, some cost less and some were on sale. Amy was worried that it might not be the same quality as the name brand one but she realized she could get more and she would be able to get the other items on the list. As Carolyn and Amy continued shopping they got everything they needed on their list, they even got some name brand items and they stayed within their budget.

When Carolyn got home she wanted to take this experience and turn it into a valuable way to teach Amy about money. The first thing they did was look at how much money they saved. When Amy looked at her list and her budget she realized she had everything she needed and still had $10 left over. Carolyn allowed Amy to keep $3 of the $10 to do anything she wanted and put the rest into savings.How A Mother Is Teaching Her Kids About Money

Obviously this is a fictional story but there are great lessons you can use when teaching kids about money. It is very important that kids understand the importance of budgeting and staying within their budget. Kids very rarely understand the value of money because they usually don't have to do anything to get it and often parents buy them whatever they want. The next time you go shopping don't just rush to get it done but turn it into a real world classroom and hopefully your kids will be better off for the lessons they learn.

by: Nicole Clemow
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