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Homes Vs. Condos

Homes Vs. Condos

The great debate rages on with the discussion on the fine details that make a home and condo so different, but so perfect depending on the consumer

. So which route is better to take if youre an interested, but hesitant home buyer? Do you opt for the condominium or perhaps investigate into purchasing homes in Canada?

One of the major arguments that have continued to garner momentum is the notion that condominiums tend to lose value over time and the likelihood of flipping the property for a higher profit wont present itself. However, for those with their wits and minds solid, understand that nothing is absolute when it comes to real estate. A lot of factors come into play like location, lifestyle choices, and convenience.

Even though condominiums are performing quite well these days and tend to be sought after units, houses still have their bright spots as well. Yes there is an extra added, to be calculated maintenance fee that home owners have to incorporate into their yearly finances, but condos often have many hidden fees that are open to rising rates without much negotiation.

Value also plays a great role in deciding between a home and condo. A home will usually get you a higher resell value earlier than a condo would because market pricing of homes usually comes back up and levels off even higher than what it was before a crisis.

In terms of homes in Canada youll find an enormous amount of options and varieties out in the market today. As well each province presents its own merits and pitfalls so make sure to research thoroughly before you seriously commit to either a condo or a home because you want your living place to be a place that ultimately increases value over time, not decrease.

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Homes Vs. Condos