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Hiring Talent - It's Not Always About The Money

Hiring Talent - It's Not Always About The Money

In challenging economic climates, hiring talent can be among the most difficult tasks

. It has become clear over the last few years that top talent can improve morale and increase service levels. As a result, the hiring environment is highly competitive and once the right person has been found, offering the right package can be complicated. In addition, it is not just the hiring process that has become challenging, it is retaining the talent once they have accepted the position. Prospective employees are often looking for a company that reflects their values and work ethics. This is good for many organizations, as long as they practice what they preach.

If the new hire finds that business practices and standards are not what they were sold on, they may begin looking for another job elsewhere. Going through the process of hiring talent, just so that they can leave when expectations are not met wastes time, effort and money that could be better spent elsewhere. When going through the interview process, most organizations set expectations and goals for the individual. This sets a certain level of expectation from them about their potential new employer as well. Once joining an organization, this individual's personal identity becomes part of the company philosophy.
Hiring Talent - It's Not Always About The Money

If they are not proud of their employer and what it stands for, it is often reflected in performance. Employees who are happy are the best word of mouth advertising an organization has to its customers. Those who are unhappy are just as effective in spreading negative energy. The result is often decreased revenues and higher turnover. Companies who maintain their integrity and standards of excellence during difficult times will find that hiring talent is easier than those who don't. Maintaining a clear vision and standing by the company mission statement is a good start.

These are often used as selling points when hiring talent and are the foundation for many of the expectations that are set. It used to be thought that paying the highest salary would automatically attract the right kinds of people. Today, many employees are looking for a position that provides good work life balance as much as they are a solid paycheck. This often means offering a flexible work schedule and perks such as gym memberships or a company match to their 401(k). During the hiring process, organizations should concentrate on the overall package benefits as opposed to the salary. This often makes the difference between a "no thank you", and an acceptance.

by: Troy Truman
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Hiring Talent - It's Not Always About The Money